Signs 30 – Wait and See or Wait and Die

| December 11, 2018
Planet X Signs November 2018 was a bellwether month for both fireballs and earthquakes. As with prior months, the overall trend for record-breaking new highs has not abated. In Signs 29 – The Power of Distraction, we stated: “The number of total yearly fireballs for 2018 now tops that of 2011 through 2015. Given that November and December are the two months of each year with the highest levels of reporting, it looks to be horse race as to which year holds the highest numbers of all time.” What you will see in this installment of this series is that the new data for November 2018 is telling us that we’re no longer in a horse race to see if 2018 breaks all previous yearly records for fireballs and earthquakes. Rather, 2018 is in the last furlong, and unless December 2018 stumbles, we will be announcing in 2019, that 2018 was the worst year on record. Despite these alarming trends, the abuse those in awareness suffer at the hands of their denier spouses, family, friend, and co-workers continue without relief. Once such person is a kindly woman by the name of Colleen Simmons who lives in BC, Canada. She recently wrote to me and while it is obvious to see that her message oozes with frustration, that’s not what I see. What I see is with Colleen is also happening to many others now and so I will respond to Colleen publicly in this article, but for now, let’s begin with the data.

November 2018 Fireballs

Fireballs are reported worldwide, and the American Meteor Society which is the primary source for North America, for this dataset. AMS Multistate / Country Fireballs Multistate/country fireballs cross the borders of multiple states and countries. For this reason, this is a critical category in the dataset because of the distance these fireballs must travel to receive reports from across large geographic areas. AMS Multistate Fireballs 1/2015 to 11/2018 The peculiar thing about this subset is that if you are looking solely at November 2018, it was running somewhere in the middle of the pack. Nothing unusual to see here so just move on?  Not if you are seeking the truth because then you are looking for the overall significance.

Radio Free Earth: Community Preparedness and Two Way Radios

Radio Free Earth - radiofreeearth.orgIn The Worst of Times, the Worst Will Have the Best Two-Way Radios for Near and Far Communications What Will You Have? Whether you are a new hobbyist or interested in preparedness issues, this book demystifies the world of amateur and consumer two-way radio communications. You’ll learn how to create an affordable consumer (CB/SSB CB/FRS/GMRS) and amateur (MF/HF/VHF/UHF) two-way radio survival network. Written for newbies, the high-level and tactical concepts presented in this book offer a simple path for visioning, leading, and supervising the creation of an effective survival communications strategy.

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Simply stated, November 2018 was the highest month on for multistate and county fireballs for this year. In fact, like the previous years in this subset, it is the highest on record for the period of January through November of each year included in this subset. AMS Huge Event Fireballs It is a commonplace occurrence for Multistate / Country Fireballs to be reported as huge events because a huge event occurs when 100 or more eyewitness observers report a huge fireball event. AMS Huge Event Fireballs 1/2015 to 11/2018 The median average for monthly huge event fireballs is 3 per month and November 18, 2018, was no different. While this alone can offer a misleading sense of hope for improvement, when all types of fireballs are considered, the story changes – and darkly so. AMS Monthly Total Fireballs The monthly total fireballs are the most critical category in this dataset. When we look at the monthly total of fireballs for October 2018, we see the highest monthly number for this subset for October going back to 2015. Monthly AMS Fireballs 1/2015 to 11/2018 The total monthly fireballs for November 2018 is the second highest on record for our entire study.  The highest is still November 2015 which actually pre-dates our very first installment in this series, Planet X Signs — Update No. 1 for February 20, 2015. Until now, November 2015 was a statistical oddity, however, with the latest results for November 2018, we can no longer proceed on the assumption that 2015 was a one trick pony. It wasn’t, especially when we take a step back to view the yearly fireball totals for this study. AMS Total Yearly Fireballs The total number of reported fireballs of all sizes is where the big picture moves from monthly to yearly, and here the news is ominous. Yearly AMS Fireballs 1/2011 to 11/2018 The number of total yearly fireballs for 2018 continues to top that of 2011 through 2015. In this chart, there are two level designations for October and November of this year. We see a substantial increase from October to November and what is obvious is that December is clearly on track to make 2018 the worst year on record for total fireballs. Could it be natural variability perhaps? Only if you’re in denial and that may not be for long when you see what is happening with earthquakes.

Earthquakes Since 1997

At the outset of our Signs series, J. P. Jones created a dataset spreadsheet that tracks the total number of earthquakes each month beginning with 1997. The updated spreadsheet below has been updated with the November 2018 results. Earthquakes 1/1997 to 11/2018 The numbers do not lie folks and as of November 2018, has become the highest year on record for earthquakes of all magnitudes. Well, is this by a little or by a lot? Again, the numbers do not lie. The yearly total for earthquakes of all magnitudes 1997 was 1,573, and for the first 11 months of 2018, it is 146,658 *as of November of this year.) This means that since 1997, the total number of earthquakes of all magnitudes for the first 11 months of this year is already 93.24 times greater than all of 1997. Granted, an increase of this scale is difficult to wrap your mind, and in December, it will get worse. Unless something dramatic happens for this subset, we could very well be reporting next year is that 2018 was an order of magnitude (a commonly-used base-ten number system) than 1997. In other words, the increase for 2018 will be such a massive trend it will require a base-ten numbering system to comprehend. Wow! And yet, when we shorten the subset from 1997 to 2018, to 2015 to 2018, the trend is benignly misleading. Global Earthquakes of all Magnitudes 1/2015 to 10/2018 When we look at annual global earthquakes for the entire dataset, November 2018 shows a statistically significant increase over the data for previous months dating back to 2015. Earthquakes 1/2015 to 11/2018Without the benefit of a longer duration subset (1997 to 2018) the numbers for this month when compared with those of other months in this shorter subset represent a high for November of all years, but when viewed on whole, seems to demonstrate a sort of stability that implies natural variability.  Or in other words, the sky is not falling Chicken Little.  But yet, it is! When the mainstream media occasionally reports on natural disasters this is the kind of manipulation that used by talking-head experts to calm anxieties.  “Look, it’s all normal.  Nothing to see here folks, so go on home and for God’s sake, do not look at 1997!” With this in mind, it is time for my reply to Colleen.

An Open Reply to Colleen Simmons

On December 6, I received the following from Colleen Simmons of Burns Lake, BC Canada. Collen is a long-time reader and purchased a copy of Being In It for the Species in 2014. Collen is a good woman with a kind soul, and it saddened me to see the bitter frustration in her email. However, this is not the first such angry letter I’ve received since the massive increase in Planet X fear porn and click bait posts and videos we’ve seen on social media beginning in 2016, so I will answer Colleen publicly so that I can also talk to others of you who are likewise feeling her frustrations. We’ll begin with her email to me which was in response to the two Radio Free Earth video series released earlier this month.

FR: Colleen Simmons, 12/6/2018 TO: Marshall Masters

We don’t hear from you for ever and then this is what you send more stuff to buy, give us a break all we have done is spend money in the name of survival and in the end it probably won’t make a dam bit of difference, we have gone broke buying all this survival crap just so you shouters from the tower can go out richer than when you came in.

COLLEEN: “We don’t hear from you for ever…” MARSHALL: I’ve been publishing Signs updates each month, and some months I can do more. My absence is not about losing interest. It is about a new direction which I announced to everyone on August 16th with my article, Phase 2 Has Begun – Be Prepared! What was Phase 1? It is what I’ve been doing since 2002 by publishing articles and videos to encourage awareness of what is coming. For many years, I was a near-solitary tent post for the topic, but since 2016 there has been a flood of profiteers peddling dubious fear porn and click bait on YouTube. The rule for these profiteers is, science snores– sexy sells. Consequently, these profiteers make a living on gullible people looking to be entertained with Planet X ghost stories, because that is a lot more interesting than doing something practical. Ergo, I have to yield to them because this kind of ethics is about them – not me! Besides, YouTube has become a political wild-wild-west for content producers, and the sheriff is a mean drunk.  The good days are over. Nonetheless, when I have something important to publish, I always do.  That is why I published my recent Planet X observation video, Best Nibiru Observation for 2018 – 11/16/18 Over Russia. Colleen, how often do you see fear porn profiteers publishing work of this quality?  So what do you want me to do Colleen? Jump down into the sexy sells gutter with these yutzes and kick my ethics to the curb so that I pump out crap to feed the beast?  And where does that go?   In my world, you wonder if YouTube will slam you like they did Infowars (and I was never a follower) so that folks can be entertained with useless pap? COLLEEN: “You shouters from the tower can go out richer than when you came in.” I retired from two decades of working a contractor in the computer industry before starting Your Own World Books in 2003. I worked as a senior technical writer/systems analyst consultant, my Silicon Valley clients included AT&T, Oracle, SUN Microsystems, HP, Lockheed Martin, and many others. It was a darn good life, and I still get offers because unlike software engineers, old writers can still write. If I went back to that life, I could easily double my present income as a publisher, but then I’d have my feet in two canoes so to speak, which means that Planet X would have to take a backseat to the money. Either I’m dedicated or stupid because I’m still doing PX. Awareness does this to you. So Colleen, given that this harangue about profit is always the first attack, do you think writing books makes you rich? Did you know that less than 3% of all authors make a living at it? Not likely. Most believe that if you write it, they will come?  Only in naive and stupid Hollywood movies. Survival Wellness Advocacy, 1st EditionCase in point was the first edition of Survival Wellness Advocacy. I wrote that book especially for folks who are isolated by the denial abuse of their spouses, family members, and friends. An inexpensive way for them to actively prepare without provoking more denial humiliation. The book was popular, and I could have built on it, except something unforeseen happened. In Survival Wellness Advocacy I discussed natural healing alternatives such as essential oils and featured doTerra essential oils as a starting point. I spent three months writing the book and developing an information portal using these and other products and did so with the blessings of doTerra corporate. Then the hammer fell. It appears that doTerra was becoming too successful, and big pharma had a phallanx of FDA lawyers and government goons march into doTerra and threaten to put them out of business unless they did something far less successful and damn quick! Consequently, I had to de-list my book from distribution and the website or face an FDA enforcement action on behalf of big pharma. Like Sun Tzu says, there are some armies and some governments you do not fight. This was the case here, and I relented. The subsequent financial loss took me a year to ameliorate. I’ve since published the 2nd edition sans doTerra, but it’s not a seller. Colleen, are you pleased that I had that a severe financial setback in service to those who cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on bullets, bean, and bunkers? Do you really feel that I’m a useless “shouter” as you put it? If so, I’m so sorry because all I’ve wanted to do is to help folks in awareness to deal with the isolation and paralysis is provokes through denial attacks. It is a good mission, but when it comes to revenues, it sucks big time. COLLEEN: “We have gone broke buying all this survival crap.” You bought one book from me in 2014, and now you’re broke? This is a mystery to me Colleen, and so I must ask, who are you buying your survival crap from? It indeed is not me, and it is certainly not my message which is, survival is less about the having of things and more about the knowing of things. Also, my work comes with a heavy personal price. My mission to serve those in Planet X awareness directly caused the failure of a 20-year marriage. Had I abandoned my mission to serve you and others in awareness I could have easily saved the marriage. Couldn’t do it. Again. That’s awareness. Tell me, Colleen, it is clear to see that you’ve lost money from your point of view, but have you also lost a spouse in the process? Have you paid that dear a price? I have, so what’s my point here?  Is it that you need to take your grumpy nonsense and march it on down the road because I’ve got more important things to do than to put up with your frustration and vitriol? Hell no! Hell no! Hell no! And hell no! I want you to live Colleen, so let’s change the tune here because there is something more important to do.

Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

What is that more important thing to do Colleen? The U.S. Marine Corps mantra, “improvise, adapt and overcome” says it all and while I served honorably in the Army, as a Planet X researcher I’ve always been fond of this mantra. Given that you live in Canada, you may not be familiar with this mantra so let’s put it on more personal terms. I want to share with you what I’ve been up to, and I hope it will inspire you to re-evaluate your own preparedness efforts. As a researcher, I tend to be five years ahead of my audience when it comes to projecting future scenarios. That’s fine. It’s my mission. In 2016, I started shifting to phase two with basic research on my latest book, Radio Free Earth. For the general public, I have to talk the book in usual terms, but the motivation for writing it is personal freedom. Without two way communications, you are at the mercy of special interests who will have plenty of two-way communication capabilities. This is why knowing how to operate consumer, and amateur two-way radios are literally like putting your finger on the pulse of freedom.

Radio Free Earth: Community Preparedness and Two Way Radios

Radio Free Earth - radiofreeearth.orgIn The Worst of Times, the Worst Will Have the Best Two-Way Radios for Near and Far Communications What Will You Have? Whether you are a new hobbyist or interested in preparedness issues, this book demystifies the world of amateur and consumer two-way radio communications. You’ll learn how to create an affordable consumer (CB/SSB CB/FRS/GMRS) and amateur (MF/HF/VHF/UHF) two-way radio survival network. Written for newbies, the high-level and tactical concepts presented in this book offer a simple path for visioning, leading, and supervising the creation of an effective survival communications strategy.

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Furthermore, on the backside when survivors are seeing blue skies and tasting sweet waters once again, they will begin to rebuild. Here is where consumer and amateur two-way radios will literally play a crucial role in the future of our species because they will allow the collaboration of like-minded survivors at great distances. Such cooperation will be essential to the development of a new global web I call the “Alternet.” Unlike the present Internet which is outdated and depends on centralized infrastructure, the Alternet will be mesh technology. In other words, every computer becomes an ISP for the others. Therefore, the creation of an Alternet will be crucial in bringing forth an age of enlightenment. A Star Trek future if you will. Without it, evil and powerful interests will dominate all those who survive and shove them head first into a Mad Max world because they cannot talk to each other, other than in whispers. I tackled this in 2016, knowing that I’d probably get a few caustic emails from folks used to a steady diet of useless fear porn, but that’s the mission. It finally came to a head this year with the publication of Radio Free Earth in September of this year. With this in mind, let me focus on what I’ve been doing to improvise, adapt and overcome.

Downsizing and Going Mobile

Back in 2015, I began traveling the USA in search of suitable survival areas. I call them reconnaissance trips and I’ve conducted boots-on-the-ground evaluations of sites in California, Montana, Minnesota, Washington State and the latest in North Carolina. Marshall in Marshall, NC on Recon - 09-August-2018 Here you see me during my reconnaissance in Marshall, North Carolina last August. I conduct these reconnaissance missions as part of my research effort. Notice the white truck to my right. It was a rental. A 2018 Nissan Frontier. I was very impressed with it. Before this reconnaissance, I had already decided to move out of Reno, because the new Tesla plant has turned the town into a slumlord boomtown. Like they say, “leave the party while everyone is still laughing.” During the reign flight to Reno, I make a preparedness decision. Instead of moving to another permanent residence, it was time to go mobile. Where to go, to be honest, I had no idea. I just knew that God would send in me in the right direction and let it go at that. All I knew was that I needed to downsize. After returning to Reno, I stopped looking for a new rental. Instead, I decided to downsize and go mobile, the result of which is that I purchased a 4×4 truck (I call Gypsy) and a 5×8 utility trailer. Marshall and-Gypsy - Reno, August 2018 The Nissan Frontier I purchased has the larger engine than the rental in North Carolina. As to the trailer, why a 5×8 instead of a larger trailer? Because you can do u-turns with a 5×8. Also, unlike larger trailers with dual wheels, this trailer has a higher road clearance. This, plus a larger engine in the truck means that I can maneuver on twisty dirt roads without having to abandon my load. After signing all the finance papers, the next step was to downsize. My furniture was old, dating back to my failed marriage of 20 years and the used furniture market in Reno was a buyers market indeed. While there are a lot of folks moving in for the $15/hr jobs at Tesla, a lot are moving out and selling at any price. Rather than deal with all that, I rented a U-Haul and a crew, and we hauled my furniture to Goodwill, and I donated all of it. At that point, what would fit in the truck and trailer is what I kept. The rest was donated or trashed, and on September 1, I was headed north to Warden, WA with a fully loaded vehicle and trailer for a well-deserved rest. At the time, I was beginning to think that given all the fear porn on YouTube, why not just go back into the computer business for a while and make some serious money before things go sideways. In the meantime, just keep up my Planet X mission on a far more reduced level. That was a fleeting notion because, on September 9th, everything changed. That was the day I saw Planet X with my own two eyes as I’ve described before. At that point, I knew that I had to write the remaining titles I have slated for this mission and which I have been researching since 2016. And I had to start now, and that didn’t mean relocating to North Carolina! That much I knew. As to the rest, I asked God for help and got it.

God Will Help You

When I started in 1999, I was a born hard geek. Just the science ma’am, just the science. But this work is transformative and through it I have forged a wonderful relationship with Creator. It has its ups and downs for sure, but on the other hand, you’ll never know God until you’ve struggled with God. My prayer to God was very precise. “God, I need a place to write books and I do not have the time to move across the country to set up somewhere else.” Two days later, a member of a survival community in the Sierras and I were speaking and I told her about this. The next morning she called and said I’ve got a writer’s cottage for you and it’s a deal’s deal. I knew exactly what she was talking about because I’d seen it on my way to Warden, WA in early August. Marshall Sierras Cabin October-2018 Living in the country is wonderful.  I’m in a small wood cottage that sits next to a delightful creek and at night, I like to shut everything down so that I can just lay in bed and listen to the water and focus on my thoughts.  Meanwhile, I’m surrounded by wonderful people with warm hearts and steady hands. Marshall in Survival Community - December 2018Of all the places I’ve lived, I’ve never been in such a wonderful situation as a writer.  I asked God for help and got it.  Sure, it is not a mansion, but it is what I asked for and I love it. I’ve learned to deal with country life, including a pair of invasive Racoons always on the lookout for a few tidbit.  Then there is the joy of sitting in an outhouse as steam rolls off your breath. Then again, I haven’t been this happy in more years than I can remember and I’ve re-discovered the joy of writing through a whole new sense of purpose. Granded. as a publisher, what I’m doing is financially stupid because  I’m writing for a future audience.  Not an audience that gets its oohs and aahs from fear porn and click bait. Rather, the future audience I have in mind will be seeing a clear and present danger and they will have no patience for entertainment. What they’ll want is practical knowledge for surviving in large groups during the hard times to come.  Why have I chosen such a lonely and difficult course?   Because as I see it, preparedness is an obligation to serve others when tribulation days begin. This brings me back to you Colleen. Is your frustration best assuaged by taking a wait and see attitude? If so, you’ve made a choice to wait and die as I see it and that it is your right to do so.  Then again, please look in your heart. Is this really what you want to do?  Succumb to frustration? Colleen, I’m not asking you to make the many sacrifices I have. These were my choices and I have no complaints because what matters to me is that when the day comes I’m standing before my Creator. On that day, I’ll  want us both to know that while I’m not a perfect man, warts and all, I’ve kept the faith. This is what I want. Not the fear porn loot. So what am I asking you to do Colleen? I’m asking you to take a step back so your emotions can calm down a bit. When you’re ready, and this is only a suggestion, ask God for help. Then be patient and observant, so that when the answer does comes, you’ll see it and know to take immediate action.  

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