The Second Wave Of The Rapture?

| July 24, 2020

The Michael Decon ProgramThe Great Awakening is about people becoming aware of what is happening in our world and how that will determine our freedom as well as that of future generations.

Yet, what do people talk about?

‘They’ do this and ‘they’ do that and ‘they do this other thing and t ‘they’  do that other thing.  It’s an endlessly repeating loop of OMG despair.

What people are not yet talking about is what WHAT WE ARE DOING!

In this interview with Michael Decon, Marshall talks about what those who oppose this violent Marxist-Leninist insurgency and revolt in America, and what they are doing.

Awareness is necessary and for the silent majority, there is no more sitting on the sidelines and saying, “I’m not involved.”

The problem is, how to get involved and how do you find like-minded others?  There are two causes for this.

First, the MSM is suppressing anything that challenges the control of their narrative and the second reason is that the Patriots are not blabby like those on the left.  This is because true warriors never telegraph their punches unless it yields a strategic or tactical advantage.

Yet, the horror is before us nonetheless. Look at Hong Kong and keep in mind that tech giants like Google and Apple are behaving like CCP sycophant corporations while destroying Constitutional rights in America.

If the growing silent majority continues with this watch and see, the majority will lose to a violent Marxist minority determined to seize power no matter what must be destroyed in the process.

Freedom does not come with Amazon Primer.   It is a constant battle against evil and every generation must rise to the challenge, or our species will be lost in slavery for countless generations to come.

What can you do?  A good question in light of the organized violence we see across the country and what do they hate most?  Old Glory.

This is how the growing silent majority needs to come forward and fly Old Glory with pride and determination.

Folks, whether they are high or low, it’s time to act like you have a pair, because if you don’t the Globalists and the CCP will.

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