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How Columbia Flew Into an
Earth-Sun Double Whammy

YOWUSA.COM, 07-April-03
Steve Russell


Pot Holes In Space

While damage from insulating foam during takeoff is a well-documented and common situation, it has never been the primary cause of a catastrophic failure during realistic testing scenarios or over 100 re-entry procedures. As investigators seek to determine if or how a panel may have been lost prior to re-entry, which would have been a major factor to breach conditions, the basic Shuttle tile insulation structure is not designed to withstand powerful electrical discharges or scalar environments.  However under the right atmospheric conditions, such tile damage could contribute to a catastrophic failure scenario.  It is these atmospheric conditions that we believe may have been the straw that broke the camels back.

Since tile damage is a common variable in the shuttle problem, we must look elsewhere for a unique set of rare conditions that could have caused this unique and rare failure situation.  As data from Terra Research shows, the variables that match this unique and rare description are the sun and most importantly the earth that simultaneously transformed the normal atmospheric conditions during re-entry. 

EarthLDI II and MRSD data shows that a unique chain of events culminated in the excitation of the atmosphere during Columbia's flight through it. Solar bursts were striking the atmosphere and seismic precursor activity was unleashing enormous amounts of energy that was in the middle of a transition from earth into the mesosphere as the shuttle flew through it.  These precursors eventually gave way to a magnitude 8+ underground ‘silent'earthquake and several smaller ones felt at the surface. One of the last things the shuttle did was cross the line of night and day, an area where precursor events are often strongest and most frequent.  The image on right shows how earth appeared on February 1, 2003 at 13:52 UTC.

All of these factors merged with the natural vertical energy sheet and would have created a turbulent series of invisible yet charged potholes rather than a nice balanced charge distribution.  Traversing this disturbance with a high speed shuttle flight would have created huge charge dynamics energizing the shuttle both electrically and atomically as the increased thermodynamic heating characteristics cause solid mass to transition into a highly elevated state.  This effect can change all of the design rules applied to everything.  Obviously, this could also cause any breach to be intensified to the point of becoming very significant.

This effect is amplified by speed, and Columbia was incidentally the fastest of all the shuttles because it was the heaviest. The Discovery weighs 171 ,000 lbs, the Endeavour 172,000 lbs, and the Columbia weighs a hefty 178,000 lbs.  On top of this, the STS-107 mission had the heaviest payload landing weight ever carried by a shuttle.  At a documented 232,788 lbs it was extremely close to 233,000 lbs limit imposed by NASA.

Another indicator of an uncharacteristically high charge state in the atmosphere is GPS signal dropouts.  Significant errors in GPS systems are caused by the refraction and slowing of signals during periods of ionospheric disturbance.  While dropouts during re-entry are expected due to the heavy ionization build up around the shuttle, they have never occurred as they did with Columbia 5-7 minutes earlier than expected.  NASA even cited the numerous data dropouts in their latest timeline summary of events, saying they should be "considered out of family based on comparison with previous 102 flight data".  The significant dropouts in question all occurred over the West Coast, precisely where Terra Research data indicates elevated electrical activity was occurring.  The image below from NASA's latest timeline is an example of the dropouts off the coast depicted by the huge gaps in the dotted time line. 

Columbia Flight Path

Just as the GPS failures occurred minutes before expected, new data is showing that mysterious problems were happening earlier than thought also.

CNN, 31 March 2003
Shuttle temp spike earlier than thought

Tape from the shattered Columbia shows temperatures surging inside the left wing three minutes earlier - and hundreds of degrees higher - than previously detected.

Around the same time, temperature sensors on the skin of the left orbital manoeuvring engine pod at the tail of the spaceship began to do "all kinds of strange things," Gehman said.  Some of them shot up and some went down, while some went down and rose later and vice versa.

How can temperature readings begin so high, fluctuate massively, and decrease as the shuttle progressively broke up?  Perhaps electrical discharges such as those captured by the amateur astronomer in San Francisco could explain the sporadic nature of the electrical equipment during re-entry.

The mainstream media is missing the significance of how this new data lends support to the electrical discharge event and are continuing to popularise the tile damage and foam theory as the primary cause.  The fact is the investigation teams are now beginning to believe tiles and landing gear doors were not the first problems, but later casualties of much earlier events.

CNN, 31 March 2003
Shuttle temp spike earlier than thought

Gehman said air pressure would not have been enough to dislodge a protective carbon panel or anything else on the shuttle's wing.

"But this certainly leads us away from things like tile and landing gear doors and things like that.  It kind of leads us toward the leading edge."

This leading edge is precisely where the plasma build-up occurs and could have been significantly amplified given the interacting vertical scalar sheets.

The question now is will NASA address the concerns of the inquisitive public and take action on the data that scientists like Larry Park have freely provided?


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Issues Must Be Addressed

The research of Terra Research and their associates is advanced and was planned to be released over time gradually as more data became available and understood by mainstream Western scientists.  However, due to the Columbia accident it is important for NASA to be aware of the very rare but very real conditions that the shuttle encountered during its final re-entry.  While the Russians have had data on this from classified military satellites for years, it now seems NASA and the West might be paying attention also.

Discovery Channel, 27 March 2003
Earthquake Warnings in Ionosphere?

For decades, Russian scientists have been claiming that earthquakes can be preceded by changes in the airless, but electrically charged, ionosphere on the edge of space.

But they've never been able to explain why the ionosphere would be affected by something happening inside the ground. That's one of the reasons U.S. scientists have disregarded their work.

Now, in the latest issue of the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, a team of scientists from Ukraine, Mexico and Japan have taken a step closer to the ground by modelling how ionospheric changes can be influenced by electrical changes from below.

"It's not so crazy," said rock chemist Friedemann Freund of NASA Ames Research Center and California State University, San Jose.

In future, these situations can be easily avoided by either changing the flight path or delaying the final de-orbit burn procedures that initiate re-entry.  Unfortunately, NASA may have just discovered the hard way a whole new phenomenon that western science has blissfully managed to avoid in the past.  Even if the electrical theory is determined to be secondary to the accident, it cannot be ignored because it could become a primary cause for lost lives in the future whose souls will cry out, why did they not learn the first time?

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