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How Columbia Flew Into an
Earth-Sun Double Whammy

YOWUSA.COM, 07-April-03
Steve Russell


From The Sun Down

Ever since NASA zealously obtained the photographs from a San Francisco amateur astronomer of strange lightning striking the shuttle, they have always considered the electrical theory but have not been forthcoming on releasing data as they have with other theories. These issues were discussed in our original article  Could an Electrical Phenomenon Have Caused the Columbia Disaster?

What we do know is that only minutes before the tragedy, solar flares had unleashed a series of four scalar bursts striking the earth's crust at the following times and durations.

  • 5:13:20 PST - 6 min 40 sec
  • 5:26:01 PST - 8 min 12 sec
  • 5:34:50 PST - 0 min 43 sec
  • 5:50:51 PST - 6 min 14 sec

The last of these solar bursts would have encompassed the complete thickness of the mesosphere, as it would have precisely overlapped Columbia's re-entry through the mesosphere, marking its travel velocity backward from when it struck the crust.  It should be noted that wave was 90 degrees to earth from sunrise angle to sun. Included, are spherical interaction of upper layers to this wave.

The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is downplaying the significance of the electrical theory because they believe there is no relationship or data that demonstrates any significance between space weather and the disaster.

Space.com, 03 March 2003
Space Weather Impact on Columbia Studied

Information gleaned by a number of space weather watching satellites has been tapped, said Joseph Kunches, Chief, Space Weather Operations at NOAA's Space Environment Center.

For example, NOAA's Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites -- the GOES series -- were double-checked to look at flows of energetic particles, as well as auroral data. Similarly, information collected by NASA's Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) -- parked far from Earth -- was reviewed.

But because the event seen by ACE was so small, nothing "pumped up the system," Kunches said.

Satellite data regarding solar wind and electron flow within the Earth's radiation belt was looked into for Columbia's reentry day. Space weather effects were examined that could have caused electrons to charge the surface on the space plane, Kunches said. But like the rest of the investigation, which has entered its fifth week, the results offered little insight into the cause of Columbia accident.

"There's nothing in that data set to lead one to believe that there was any relationship between space weather and what happened to Columbia," Kunches concluded.

Perhaps the reason why the NOAA does not understand the significance of these solar events, their effects on the earth and their amplification of charge in the mesosphere, is partly because they lack the equipment used by Terra Research, which detects the "silent" form of solar wave scalar that contributes to such solar events. These waves are not deflected or altered by the earths magnetosphere like particles from CME's or solar winds and go largely undetected or measured by NOAA satellites such as GOES 8, GOES 10 and ACE that only measure particle fluctuations. 

LDI II recordings below show the period of time the incoming solar burst was passing through the atmosphere (Green), the burst effects of the energy striking the earth (Blue), and the precise overlap of Columbia's re -entry with the solar energy in the atmosphere (Red). 

Hopefully the NASA investigation teams are not taking the NOAA data and recommendations at face value and are considering the possibility that the pioneering research (already provided to NASA) of people such as Larry Park could define the elusive relationships that may have triggered (or accelerated damage in) the final destruction of Columbia.

In this new theory, the effects of energies coming from the sun are only one small contributor to the increased danger the shuttle may have experienced during re-entry.  By far the most important and controversial are the events deep in the earth's crust that we believe may have been the straw that broke the camels back. 

From The Ground Up

In a situation reminiscent of scenes from the movie "Twister", Larry Park hastily assembled his instrument packed 4WD Utility vehicle and headed to California on January 31, 2003 for a 14 hour straight drive.  It was not fate or coincidence that led Larry to successfully capturing data so pertinent to NASA's shuttle investigation, but theory based on hard scientific data.  The decision to move was instigated by precursor recordings that indicated strong events were underway.  He was not aware that the shuttle was scheduled to fly overhead during his trip.

On February 1, 2003, instruments in California recorded infrasonic signatures both prior to and during the overflight of shuttle Columbia. 

Columbia Overflight -- Click to Enlarge

Credit: Frank Condon, Infrasonic Data

As the theory predicts, these infrasonic signatures were a precursor to an impending earthquake.  LDI II recordings indicated a very strong state of resonance in the earths crust on February 1, 2003.  The plots below are from a Californian USGS station and illustrate a dramatic rise on February 2, 2003.  This rise shown in the purple plot represents a deep and silent 8+ magnitude earthquake deep underground in the Eastern Sierra region at Owens Valley latitude.  This event was also accompanied by a swarm of smaller earthquakes near the Calaveras fault with magnitudes of 4.2, 4.0 and 3+. 


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precursor activity  - Click to Enlarge

Given this massive resulting earthquake, the energy from precursor activity would have been much larger.  This dramatic event was made even more unusual by the detection of a strong 1.2 Hz peak lasting approximately seven hours.  This is the identical resonant scalar frequency that Larry recorded January 29/31 on his LDI II equipment. 

resonant scalar frequency  - Click to Enlarge

The LDI II instrumentation monitoring conditions in California recorded high levels in two regions, one West of California and the other in the Eastern Sierra's.  These two events would have created two vortices potentially in the flight path of Columba's re-entry. (Note: this graphic shows straight incoming scalar from sun different for 90-degree interaction.)

two vortices potentially in the flight path of Columba’s re-entry

Given these conditions from both the sun and earth, the mesosphere could have been extremely electrically charged and near "airglow". The redistribution of charge in the atmosphere would have spread ionized material outward over the Pacific as the mesosphere tried to balance the effects in the same way metals redistribute charge.  This puts the area of greatest concern in the Pacific and over California, which means this information is crucial in understanding the final moments that contributed or accelerated the break-up event of the shuttle even with potential existing panel damage.

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