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How Columbia Flew Into an Earth-Sun Double Whammy

YOWUSA.COM, 07-April-03
Steve Russell

Scalar Energy BurstThe goal of this article is to explain in as simple terms as possible, the basic theory behind a new and advanced field of research being conducted by those such as Larry Park from Terra Research who have offered NASA their incredible data gathered on February 1, 2003.

This article will use an analogy of the theory to provide a broad view of how the instruments gathered the data in question.  We will then build on this basic theoretical understanding to explain how the Sun effects the earth in ways the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration cannot detect, and most importantly how the Earth itself was involved in exciting the mesosphere into an elevated state.  Finally, we will describe how all this may have catastrophically affected the shuttle.


If you have not yet read our previous article Failure Analyst Identifies Cause of Columbia Disaster, we strongly recommend doing so in order to get familiar with Larry Park and his research.

Before we begin, there are five important pieces of the puzzle that once understood, will be able to be linked together to show why this new theory is significant to the shuttle disaster. 

  • Single Phase Impulses (SPI) - These energy impulses are expelled from within the earth, can last several hundred milliseconds, and are precursor events to earthquakes.  They have been observed in high -pressure areas of tectonic stress and have also been observed an average of 72 hours after either a CME or geomagnetic event.  They have been observed and measured entering the U.S. power distribution grid and pass relatively uninhibited through Faraday cages.
  • Multi-Phase Bursts (MPB) - These bursts are clusters or mixes of SPI's that act like a domino effect.  There are three different observable types that can indicate whether the culmination of these precursor events will result in either a typical earthquake, deep silent quake, or a rare high frequency earthquake boom.  MPB events occur hours or days before the final earthquake event.  
  • Crustal Resonant Frequency (CRF) - Typically over days of repetitive SPI activity, the background frequency of the earths crust can be observed and is specific to the latitude of the impending earthquake event. This frequency has a symmetrical pattern from the equator to the poles. (if you can use the new image curve & add text is more accurate than this one fixes latitude to freq conversion error) 

Crustal Resonant Frequency - Click to Enlarge

  • Crustal Resonant Ringing (CRR) - This condition can be observed after periodic day cycles of SPI events.  This ringing has the characteristics of a wave propagating outward from the SPI centre at a speed that excites CRF of faults and lava tubes that can be thousands of miles away.
  • Infrasound - Infrasonics are acoustical energies with frequencies below the normal hearing threshold.  These sounds are generated by SPI events and CRR within the earth. It is these sounds that make animals such cats, dogs and birds with more sensitive hearing than humans, to become uncharacteristically agitated before an earthquake event.

While the terms above are not all the pieces of this puzzle, they are enough to provide a general picture of the theory and how they potentially relate to the shuttle tragedy.  Now we will tackle some of the important aspects of the theory. 

Basic Theory

natural electrical scalar sheet The earth has a natural electrical scalar sheet perpendicular to its rotation.  Precursor events of earthquakes along with volcanic eruptions, nuclear accidents, and large conventional explosions have the power to disrupt this form of electrical sheet.

When SPI events occur within a fault, they unleash a scalar type of shock wave that interacts with other faults creating a domino effect of increasing SPI events.  These fleeting events often have energy far greater than the subsequent earthquake. Terra Research have data that indicates in some cases, energy 4,300 times (joules) that of the resulting earthquake, exists within the earths crust for days or weeks before the more obvious quake event.  The graph below shows a precursor SPI with energy equivalent to a magnitude 3.3 earthquake that eventually resulted in only a 2.8 earthquake.

  precursor SPI - Click to Enlarge

The SPI events cause the earths crust to develop "waves" of pressure that are transferred around within the earth that causes the continued SPI activity.  Typically for smaller quakes they quickly result in a MPB, but larger quakes tend to grow in SPI amplitudes and continue for days to weeks before the MPB event.

As this process continues in periodic day cycles, the earths crust begins to exhibit CRR and infrasonic signals that can be detected by instruments and animals.  Mainstream geology has also detected heat signatures in the crust prior to earthquakes.

Continued CRR activity causes the CRF of faults and lava tubes to resonate. This produces a form of vertical sp- scalar vortex. 

CRR activity causes the CRF of faults

This vortex mixes with the natural sp- scalar sheet forming interference points that can affect a body traversing through the fields.

vortex mixes with the natural sp- scalar sheet

The problem mainstream scientist's face is finding the mechanism that allows the energy to be transferred from the earth's surface up to the edges of space.

Through our research we feel that we know the mechanism it is shown in the graphics via scalar interaction. However, it is important to point out that mainstream science is still in the process of trying to understand this out from an electromechancial point of view.

TerraPub, August 28, 1998
On a possibility of parametric amplifier in the stratosphere-mesosphere suggested by active MASSA experiments with the AUREOL-3 satellite

It was concluded by Galperin and Hayakawa (1996)... that there exists some very efficient mechanism of the energy transport from surface to space, a kind of a parametric amplifier in the atmosphere.  This mechanism can transport, and probably amplify, the disturbance energy in such a way that it excites the ELF/VLF noises in the upper ionosphere/magnetosphere along the EFT.

Once the earth is strongly resonating after all the SPI, MPB, CRR and CRF activity, the interaction in the vertical vortex stimulates particles in the mesosphere by increasing the total number of excited electrons. An even greater effect occurs when a body of mass (especially metallic) traverses through the interacting scalar sheets at a high velocity.

interacting vorticesLarry and his team have captured the effects of the interacting vortices many times on camera .  Energy produced from within the earth at Long Valley Caldera in California has caused sudden atmospheric ionization formations to occur within seconds of signals detected with special equipment.  The patterns slowly fade over a few minutes from wind, thermal, and other atmospheric conditions.

The energy levels used to produce the energised state shown in this photograph were significantly lower than levels produced under shuttle Columbia's re-entry flight path moments before the tragedy. 

While this is a very simplified version of the theory, it must be recognized that seismic events are highly interactive even at distances of thousands of kilometres, and involve extremely complex processes that we are only now beginning to truly understand.

To assist your understanding further we will use an analogy to demonstrate these important relationships.

Shooting Range Analogy

Imagine you are at the shooting range with a few friends lined up either side of you.  You forget to put your earmuffs on and they begin shooting at their targets.  One of your friends to the left fires and your left ear starts pulsing in pain from the noise (SPI event), then your friend on the right takes a shot and your other ear begins to hurt (SPI event at different location).  The varying pressures within your head seem to have a domino effect and your pain rapidly increases throughout other parts of your head.

You quickly react and put your earmuffs on. All you can hear is an intense ringing in your head (CRR) and you eventually become disorientated from all the ringing inside your head (CRF of brain disrupted by CRR). Your friends do not realise you're in pain and continue firing.  Despite your earmuff protection, your sensitive ears can still detect noise from other members shooting further up the range.  You now begin to sweat as your temperature rises from the stress and pain you are experiencing (Heat signatures).

Soon all the throbbing in your brain gives you a massive headache (MPB event) and you go home to rest.  Days later the ringing in your head has ceased but the pain has continued.  While your family cannot experience your pain directly, they sense the anguish emanating from you and react appropriately.  However, it only takes the slightest annoyance from a family member and you explode in aggressive rage at everyone around you (Earthquake event).

While the brief disruption and distress for your surrounding family was unfortunate, the root cause of all the trouble to your unprotected ears caused you significantly more pain.

Now that you have a basic understanding of this new area of research and how the earth can affect the upper atmosphere, we will briefly describe some of the unique instrumentation used by Terra Research and then present the data that these instruments collected in relation to the shuttle tragedy of February 1, 2003.


Terra Research Equipment - Click to EnlargeTerra Research has data captured from technology that is far beyond any methods and techniques currently employed in seismic research and other associated groups. One form of this advanced technology involves tapping the natural transmission lines developed by our power grid system and the earths crust.  This system uses Long Distance Instrumentation (LDI II) equipment to form a super large detector system that is greater than any of the largest radio telescopes.  The LDI II instruments are capable of detecting precursor seismic activity up to 3,000 km away.

The other important tools for this research are Mass Resonant Sensory Devices (MRSD).  These sensors have the ability to detect extremely small changes in the quiescent state of mass.  There are several different types of MRSD sensors as shown in the image on the right, and are made from state of the art designs and equipment such as military specification ceramic capacitors.

While the full scientific understanding of this advanced research is still in the early days of development, the theory and this equipment was put into use during September 2002 when Larry and his team successfully mapped a new fault in South Lake Tahoe not depicted on any current geologic maps.

The data collected with these instruments by Larry Park in the days before and after the Columbia tragedy may provide the missing clue investigators are struggling to find in the cause for the break-up event.

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