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Failure Analyst Identifies Cause of Columbia Disaster

YOWUSA.COM, 24-March-03
Marshall Masters

Now we 
 know why!On February 1, 2003, all seven crewmembers of the Columbia shuttle mission STS-107 lost their lives when their wounded craft disintegrated 39 miles above Texas.  Current thought points to damage caused to heat tiles on the underside of the shuttle's left wing during the Jan 16, 2003 launch. Since then, the Columbia Accident Investigation Board (CAIB) has ordered NASA to revamp the makeup of its own internal investigation because of the suspicion that NASA managers could skew their findings so as not to destroy careers as well as vital space programs. 

However, Larry Park, a complex systems failure analyst and the Chief Technology Officer for Terra Research, maintains that the CAIB-mandated reorganization is unnecessary, because NASA's shuttle program managers and engineers are not at fault!  This is because he has identified the primary cause of the disaster, and last month, he presented his findings to NASA.

Park's Findings in A Nutshell

Larry ParkAccording to Larry Park, the Columbia disaster was caused by a freak convergence of scalar energy in the mesosphere directly in the doomed shuttle's flight path during its return to Earth.  This energy was generated from the ground up by a deep seismic event precursors in California directly under the Columbia's flight path and from the Sun down from a precursor scalar burst series of energy generated by a building Coronal Mass Ejection (CME). 

Then, along came the returning Columbia flying at mach 20 into the mesosphere, the coldest part of Earth's atmosphere where meteorites become shooting stars.  The doomed craft was like an unwitting moth flying into the mother of all bug zappers.  This is because the Colombia flew through this freakish convergence of scalar energy, which created an immense charge accumulation from Columbia's mach 20 speed.  The result was an upper atmosphere phenomenon known as ‘blue jet' lightning bolts, which repeatedly struck & discharged into the Shuttle.  While NASA engineers and managers have been aware of ‘blue jet' lightning bolts and have built in the necessary protections to the shuttle's design, they could not have foreseen the freakish convergence of natural precursor events that would immensely increase the penetrating power of ‘blue jet' lightning bolts. 

This also explains why the Columbia's Achilles Heel turned out to be the heat tiles near its left wheel well that had been damaged by insulating tank foam during takeoff.  In simple terms, the impact of foam on the tiles was not sufficient to cause a catastrophic failure.  As is well documented, the loss of tiles on returning shuttles is a common event, and, even though the Columbia's tiles had been damaged during the liftoff, they were still managing reentry heat within their intended tolerances. 

What NASA's engineers and program managers could not anticipate was that the turbulence caused by the damaged, yet still functional, ablation tiles would become the point of least resistance for a freak convergence of precursor scalar energy in the mesosphere.  Like throwing a tablespoon of blood into the sea, that sharks can smell miles away, the turbulence of the damaged titles offered the ideal impact site.

Given that Larry Park's findings exonerate NASA's shuttle program managers and engineers, why is NASA silent?  Given that his findings show how to greatly increase the safety to space travel, the silence doesn't make sense.  However, what makes this silence tragic is that his findings also offer a highly reliable way to forecast impending seismic events.  No more wild guessing as to when the "big one" will hit. We'll possess the technology to give credible, life-savings days of warning of building seismic events. 

And then — like they say on Television, "but wait; there's more!" The shuttle was the victim of a powerful, naturally induced and freakishly rare scalar energy event. With sufficient effort, this natural event can be made to happen at will through human technology.  The net result would be an impenetrable Tesla-technology energy defense shield to protect us from attacks with nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles.

Why YOWUSA is Announcing
This and Not NASA

After Park sent his findings to NASA via the information collection hotline, he also communicated them to private industry experts who provide input to Air Force and NASA upper atmospherics experts.  This started a professional dialogue between Larry Park and those reviewing his findings, which then came to sudden and inexplicable halt.  Simply put, NASA neither rejected nor accepted Larry's findings.  Rather, they're not talking at all! 

Until last Friday, the motives behind NASA's sudden stonewall posture were vague and difficult to understand.  And then, the dime dropped… 

CBS, March 21, 2003
NASA mishap team revamped

NASA today announced a revamped management team to oversee the agency's internal investigation of the Columbia disaster in accordance with a request made late last month by the independent Columbia Accident Investigation Board.

The concern by the board was that senior NASA managers overseeing the disaster investigation - managers who played a role in clearing Columbia for launch and then managing its mission - would at some point face questioning by the CAIB about the decisions they made leading up to launch and during the conduct of the flight.

NASA today announced the formation of a new team - the NASA Accident Investigation Team, or NAIT - that will take over the role of the original Mishap Response Team that was formed immediately after Columbia's destruction Feb. 1.  The MRT was chaired by Linda Ham, a former flight director who served as chairman of the agency's mission management team.

The fact that the political shift by the CAIB moved to oust the leadership of the present NASA Accident Investigation Team (NAIT) for the Columbia disaster after Larry Park presented his findings raises a troubling questions.

Has the CAIB politicized the Columbia disaster investigation for the sake of political expediency?  After all, ruining careers and cutting the budgets of vital space programs is something the public can quickly understand while munching on their TV dinners, as opposed to obtuse technical discussions of ‘blue jet' lightning bolts in the mesosphere. 

Or have Park's Columbia disaster findings become a national security issue, which would certainly explain NASA's mysterious attempts two weeks ago to draw a veil of secrecy over the science facts presented by Park.

Why Park Is Committed to Public Disclosure

Forbidden Secrets of the Earthquake RevealedSince that fateful day on February 1, 2003 when seven brave souls made the ultimate sacrifice, YOWUSA began its own intensive search for answers and our efforts led us to the groundbreaking work of Larry Park), author of Forbidden Secrets of the Earthquake Revealed.  After reading Steve Russell's February 24, 2003 article titled, Could an Electrical Phenomenon Have Caused the Columbia Disaster? he contacted us and expressed great enthusiasm for Steve's investigation, because he is deeply concerned that his findings most likely will become classified as the result of what now appears to be a highly politicized investigation.  As a scientist, husband and father living in the Pacific Northwest, he is very concerned about the threats of large-scale earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. 

As the CTO of a high technology firm that specializes in seismic and scalar engineering, manufacturing and consulting, he knows that the type of technology used to determine the cause of the Columbia disaster could also be easily adapted to the backbone of a highly reliable Earth event warning system. 

Further, the entire West Coast is within the range of North Korean nuclear ballistic missiles.  Given the escalating saber-rattling by North Korea's despotic leadership, this is a real concern.  Where this connects with the Columbia disaster is that the natural scalar energy that destroyed the Columbia can also be created by engineered systems that could easily deliver missile-killing blows on-demand in a matter of years — not decades!

Save This Article to Disk NOW!

While Larry's science was new to us in many regards, NASA's internal politics are not.  Simply put, by solving the Columbia disaster, Larry has unintentionally opened a door that certain political and/or security interests might rather see closed.

In the weeks to come, we will publish Larry's research at greater depth. While it is easy to get lost in the technological jargon of Larry's findings, we will endeavor to explain them in the simplest of layman's terms.  Please check our site often, or join our message board for announcements of the following articles in this series:

  • Why Columbia Flew Into an Earth-Sun Double Whammy: In this article, we will make the case, again layman's terms as to exact natural events that destroyed the Columbia.
  • Why the Columbia Disaster Could Save Millions of Lives from Earthquakes: We go into how this research could lead to monitoring systems that can detect earthquakes and solar flares well in advance.
  • Why the Columbia Disaster Could Save Millions of Lives from Ballistic Nukes: We go into how Larry's research can lead to the development of an impenetrable scalar energy defensive shield.

As I set out to plan this ambitious series with YOWUSA co-founders, we asked ourselves two questions: 

  1. Is Larry Park a credible expert?  As the publisher of YOWUSA, I have always admonished my contributor writers to "consider the source." 
  2. By vetting Larry Park's findings, how can we encourage the CAIB, NASA and our security agencies to go public?

Larry Park, A Credible Source

Larry Park is a founder and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Terra Research, a private research company serving consultants, engineers and high tech companies with a focus on leading edge R&D in high tech projects.

Terra Research SensorTerra Research designs manufactures and supports its own line of traditional seismograph stations, research equipment & sensors.  It also builds its own Mass Resonant Sensory Devices in support of its own precursor research and consulting. 

Terra Research Sensor On the day of Columbia's return Larry's Terra Research seismic equipment detected the high-energy precursors directly under the flight path.  The day after the Columbia disaster, an 8.0+ deep 'silent quake' occurred under the flight path in the Eastern Sierras where he had detected the precursor energy buildup. It was also associated with a swarm of low intensity, shallow quakes in Western CA.

massively parallel supercomputer disk array subsystemThe manner in which Larry first identified these phenomena was the result of a complex failure analysis conducted on a massively parallel supercomputer disk array subsystem.  The hard disk arrays, which hold massive amounts of data for the massively parallel supercomputer, were designed for the highest reliability available.  Yet, the arrays continued to fail on an intermittent basis.  What stumped the reliability engineering staff was that the failures were not connected to power problems, or cyclical usage load levels. 

Larry was called in as a complex systems failure analyst to solve the problem, and, as he began going through the failure logs of the system, he decided to see if other high tech sites in the geographic area were experiencing the same intermittent failure problem with their equipment as well.  As it happens, another site with different equipment was experiencing the same insoluble problem!

When he began comparing the failure logs of the massively parallel supercomputer disk array subsystems & the other off site equipment, a striking coincidence immediately stood out.  The intermittent failures were happening at the same time!  Larry then began searching for a common causality, and this led him to a perfect fit — earthquake precursor events!

It was that discovery that led Larry to understand that he had found a reliable way to predict impending earthquakes and volcanic eruptions with heretofore, unimaginable accuracy.  So why hasn't he been openly hailed as a hero by our government? 

The Politics of Ignorant Bliss

Let's be honest.  Predicting earthquakes is a dicey business.  The experts are quick to tell you how little they know and offer best guesses.  Meanwhile , people who live in quake-prone areas are keenly aware of their pets and small animals.  If you see your cat go nuts and the birds disappear, it is time to double-check your emergency earthquake kit.  Lawyers call this whole process "an act of God."  It is a deep mystery that insurance companies will not cover unless you've purchased specific insurance for it.

Consider this.  The government deploys this technology and one day warns the public that a major quake is about to happen.  The consequence is economic paralysis as people prepare themselves for the impending event.  Both government and business will lose incredible amounts of money on the loss of productivity and taxable income as bread earners rush home to prepare.  Then for some blessed reason, the event does not happen, or turns out to be substantially less than anticipated.

The consequence for the government will be outrage.  People will be furious that they've disrupted their lives for what the media pundits will cry, "call wolf."  Then, the "act of God" lawyers will line up at the litigation trough and lambaste the government and anyone else they can in any way possible.  The legal and financial consequences could be mind-boggling!

Ah, but you say it couldn't happen this way.  Think again.  Better yet, think Y2K!

After the government announced that Y2K could be a serious problem, business and the computer industry began an incredibly massive effort to prevent a disaster from happening.  What the media did not report to the public was that nearly 18% of all Information Technology (IT) budgets across the USA were devoted to preventing Y2K failures and disruptions.  This is war footing funding levels!  The fact is that enough money was spent to prevent a disaster from happening to buy several 3rd world countries lock, stock and barrel! 

When Y2K turned out to be a non-event, how did the media react? They crucified the government and in response, technically illiterate, media hungry congressional leaders used the news cameras to publicly humiliate the very people who showed the courage to warn their nation of a preventable disaster.

Should NASA go public with their analysis of Larry Park's work? Why?  What will they get for it?  Most likely, self-serving politicos and ad-money -driven media pundits will certainly crucify them.  Following them will be armies of technically illiterate idiots, seeking any kind of "conspiracy" issue to fuel their soapbox agendas.

We Need to Be Honest Listeners

The findings of Larry Park as to the precise reason for the Columbia disaster represent a breakthrough in several life-saving technologies.  Larry took a chance in coming to YOWUSA, and we're taking a chance in publishing his findings, knowing that NASA has drawn a veil of secrecy over his work.  We're all taking chances for only one reason; this information is too important to be buried under a security blanket.

Please, let's do what we can as netizens to understand his research findings and to share this knowledge with like-minded friends and associates.  In addition, instead of speaking with a negative voice about this, we urge you to encourage NASA and our government to take the risk of going public with its own findings. 

In the wake of the Columbia tragedy, let us pray that our efforts will nourish an affirming seed of new discovery and hope.  If our prayers and efforts are answered, know that we will have honored our fallen heroes by crediting to their sacrifices the impetus to develop new life saving technologies.  Technologies that will not only help save the few who venture into space, but the millions whose hopes accompany them in the cold vacuum of space as well.