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Human Homicide Bomber Clones — The Coming Weapons of Eugenics

YOWUSA.COM, 27-April-02
Steve Russell


Future Generations
Human intelligence is largely hereditary

Scientists have discovered that identical twins separated at birth and raised apart are remarkably similar in IQ almost as similar as they are in height.  They also resemble one another strikingly in their mannerisms, the way they laugh, their likes and dislikes, phobias, temperament, sexual preference, educational achievement, income, conscientiousness (character), musical ability, whether they're criminals or law-abiding, and just about everything else that's ever been tested. (Bouchard, 1993)

The primacy of genes is also demonstrated in adoption studies.  Adopted children's IQs resemble those of their biological parents whom they haven't seen from day 1 more closely than they resemble those of their adoptive parents, who essentially provided their environments.  When adopted children are grown, there's almost no resemblance at all between their IQs and those of their adoptive parents.  (Loehlin, Willerman, and Horn, 1987)

The fact is that eugenics is now an integrated part of many fertility clinics.  Parents are now selecting which embryos they which to use to ensure a healthy child.  These same procedures can also allow parents to choose the sex of their child by rejecting embryos that are not appropriate. 

The most common prenatal test is called Chorionic Villus Sampling.  This test can determine what genetic diseases a fetus may have, and present the parents with a tough choice on whether or not to continue with the pregnancy.

According to one Boston-area study, approximately 86% choose to abort when results indicate diseases like Down's syndrome.

In addition to this, there is now a new procedure called Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis. This procedure requires parents to undergo in vitro fertilization to produce an embryo in a dish.  After it has divided eight times, a single cell is removed for analysis.  If no diseases are detected, the embryo can be implanted in the uterus.  This procedure is a lot safer and emotionally easier to decide whether or not to implant an eight-cell embryo, opposed to the dangerous procedure of aborting a growing fetus.

Eugenics has the power to help solve the enormous social and economic problems facing society.

Over one third of all mentally retarded people have retarded parent.  If these people were to voluntarily refrain from producing offspring, mental retardation could be cut by a third in only one generation.

While it would be incredibly immoral to enforce such an action, surely if people are willing to get personally involved in dangerous cloning processes, there must be people also willing to volunteer to implement a eugenics program given the right publicity.

An advanced eugenic society offers a system by which each individual could be judged on the basis of individual merit.  It goes a long way towards solving the problems of racism and other unfair judgment on the basis of broad characteristics such as skin color.

Such a future scenario seems impossible to believe at this point in our evolution.  However it should not be dismissed because this is where cloning will inevitably lead us.

White House, April 10, 2002
President Bush Calls on Senate to Back Human Cloning Ban

George BushOur age may be known to history as the age of genetic medicine, a time when many of the most feared illnesses were overcome.

Our age must also be defined by the care and restraint and responsibility with which we take up these new scientific powers.

The paths of cloning for stem cell research and reproduction are fraught with dangers closely intertwined with unique advantages.  Stem cell research is starting to become accepted in several countries, while others are still scared by the possibilities.  Cloning for reproduction is still widely unaccepted but governments are not enforcing our expectations.  This has resulted in maverick scientists and even a religious cult conducting immoral experiments without considering the welfare of the clone should they finally succeed.

But what about the future welfare of mankind?

When Will the Homicide Clones Attack?

Arab Homicide BombersAre we as a society really ready to take on the responsibility for tampering with our own evolution?  After WWII, America believed in science and that the atom could be harnessed for good.  Since then we've learned that there are no benign scientific genies and cures for what ails mankind.  They all come with fine print that we somehow never take the time to read. 

Case in point is the debate as to the practice of homicide bombings in Israel by fanatics. 

The unprecedented attacks of September 11 have clearly demonstrated that it takes an incredible event that affects the entire world to bring the international community together on the issue of terrorism.   

Yet still to this day, many nations and peoples use moral equivalency to justify the horrific trivialization of life that has struck at both America and Israel.  But what they do not understand is that they are not legitimizaing the national aspirations of the Palestine people.  Rather, they are building the foundation of perception needed to justify the creation of human clones with the same physical attributes as their intended victims.

What this means is that if a despot like Saddam Hussein can build a eugenics army of homicide bombers for each nation he wishes to attack.  They'll look like the typical Americans, Europeans, Japanese, or whatever. The bottom line is that we'll never see them coming.  

But just like the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction that has given terrible and fearsome capabilities to rogue nations and despots who seek to destroy the industrialized democracies of the world, we may be facing an even bleaker future once the terrorists and despots of the world have the chance to cry havoc and let loose the human clones of war upon us.

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