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Human Homicide Bomber Clones — The Coming Weapons of Eugenics

YOWUSA.COM, 27-April-02
Steve Russell


BBC News, March 9, 2001
Cloning humans: Can it really be done?

Human CloningQ. So, what are the dangers?

A. Experience with the five mammal species that have been cloned so far indicates that Zavos and Antinori have almost no chance of success.

The vast majority of pregnancies involving clones have gone very badly.  In most of them, the clone has died and in almost all of them the lives of the mother and clone have been put at risk.

In many cases, the clone grows abnormally large, often threatening to tear the womb that can also become swollen with fluid.  Almost all clone pregnancies spontaneously abort.

If a human clone is produced, the cost in human suffering and the trail of failures will be large.

Q. What if a human clone is born?

A. Of the small number (little more than 1%) of animal clones that make it to term, most have severe abnormalities: malfunctioning livers, abnormal blood vessels and heart problems, underdeveloped lungs, diabetes, immune system deficiencies and possibly hidden genetic defects.  Several cow clones had head deformities — none survived very long.

If the smallest of oil drops is leaked from a cargo ship and threatens native wildlife, you can be sure that one of the many animal rights activist groups will be there with banners crying bloody murder.  However, the silence from these same groups is deafening when it comes to the butchery that is taking place with cloned animal abortions.  The most obvious reason for this silence is that those attempting to reproduce cloned animals have been hiding their created abominations behind closed doors… until now.

The success rate in producing a cloned animal has not increased from the early days when Dolly was first created.  In cloning Dolly, 277 eggs were used, 30 started to divide, nine induced pregnancies, and only one survived to term. These are hardly encouraging statistics to prove the usefulness of creating a cloned human.

The fact is that animal clones have been quietly dying away from public view at such an alarming rate; any attempt at cloning a human is creating to kill. 

Even if we assume that a human clone can be created, it would be even more irresponsible to believe that he or she would ever live a normal life.

Consider The Clone

It would be a very safe assumption to say that the first cloned human would experience the same attention as Dolly at an absolute minimum.  The scale would naturally have to be larger and more far-reaching, extending to the entire family brave enough to take on the responsibility.

In a recent interview aired on Australia's Channel Nine Network, Dolly's creator Dr Harry Griffin was interviewed on the "Sunday" program.

Sunday, April 7, 2002
The race to clone a human

REPORTER: So what's the difference between Dolly and what I would term a normal, natural sheep?

GRIFFIN: In most instances, most characteristics, not much.  Dolly's clearly had a very different upbringing to the average sheep.

REPORTER: Pampered almost.

GRIFFIN: Certainly been pampered.  She's been photographed by fashion photographers, by Time magazine, by People magazine.  Life experiences that the average sheep would never get, as a result, she is different.

What many people still do not realize, is that a cloned animal or person is not a simple Xerox copy of the original.  The clone will have a different environment, experiences and opportunities that the original was not exposed to.

Michael JordanIf Michael Jordan was cloned, there is no guarantee or even likelihood that he will be anywhere near the athlete that the real Michael Jordan is.  Without the extensive training and personal dedication undertaken by the real person, the cloned Michael Jordan could end up being a mere hollow shell and would not necessarily be able to live up to the expectations that would come with being a clone.  By the time the clone reached the rebellious teenage years, they could even rebel against the impossibilities of such expectations that have constantly haunted them from a life that was once real.

While this example uses a famous celebrity, even a more personal situation where a relative is cloned could cause similar unrealistic and potentially harmful expectations. It is impossible to predict the level of psychosocial harm that could result from these expectations and even potential treatment as a second-class citizen. The only thing guaranteed is that the clone would not be normal.

What kind of remarkable, courageous and understanding people would be willing to accept these intensely demanding challenges and ensure a healthy safe environment for the first cloned child?

Look At The Leaders

Professor ZavosProfessor AntinoriThe true leaders of cloning research were once Dr Harry Griffin and the Roslin Institute who created Dolly.  Despite the fact that they never intended to clone a human for obvious reasons, the genie was still inevitably let out of the bottle for those greedy enough to be tempted.  Two of the three people greedy enough to be tempted by this genie are Professor Antinori and Professor Zavos.

NineMSN, April 7, 2002
The race to clone a human

Antinori is a maverick Italian IVF specialist; Zavos a Cypriot, now based in the United States with a lucrative fertility business.  Though both are notorious publicity seekers, each is a brilliant scientist in his own right… and few doubt they have the technical ability to clone a human.

Griffin and other IVF and stem cell pioneers like Australian Alan Trounson, openly criticize the intentions of these two rouge scientists.  While Antinori and Zavos usually end up disgracing themselves at scientific debates over the war on cloning, they still enjoy the publicity of the press, and often take advantage of the money that many media outlets are willing to pay for their stories.

Antinori recently used defamation laws in order to silence Trounson, and refused to do an interview with Australia's channel nine network unless they paid him several thousand dollars, which they refused to pay.

While Antinori and Zavos openly disregard the concerns and criticisms of their fellow scientists that have experience in cloning animals, they still stubbornly claim that human cloning is a safe and guaranteed procedure.  The fact remains that they have never cloned anything before.

Zavos repeatedly claims that they are doing this research for the benefit of misfortunate couples wanting to become a family.  However, to find his true motivation, you only have to visit his web site where it can be clearly seen written in the color of blood.

The Zavos Organisation

Antinori and Zavos share the cloning stage with one other important participant in this dangerous race, the Raelian religious cult that believes Jesus was resurrected through an advanced cloning technique.

This cult has created a company based in the Bahamas called Clonaid.  Clonaid has claimed to be the "first human cloning company," and also claims to have the technology and financial resources to clone a human being. They have even progressed to the stage where trials are currently being undertaken.


Once we can clone exact replicas of ourselves, the next step will be to transfer our memory and personality into our newly cloned brains, which will allow us to truly live forever.


On top of that CLONAID™ is offering a range of services like creating personal stem cells, INSURACLONE™, OVULAID™ and CLONAPET™.

It is nothing short of horrifying to learn that such an unintelligent cult is pursuing cloning operations for the irresponsible and misguided quest for immortality.

Despite our natural tendencies to laugh at such things, this is no laughing matter.  Rogue scientists and a religious cult are leading the way in cloning experiments while most of society distances themselves and awaits the outcome with a curiosity and anticipation not dissimilar to reality television fads.

It appears that society is not able or willing to stand up and take enough action against the cloning of humans.

Are We Really Ready?

Despite how immoral cloning humans seems at this stage of the debate, how can we honestly expect to determine the real facts when most of society is unwilling to acknowledge the reality of eugenics.  After all this is what cloning research is really all about, designer babies.

Adolf HitlerTo say that eugenics is extremely unpopular in the Western world is an extremely large understatement.  The most significant reason for this is because Hitler supported the idea. 

German propaganda was based around genetics and a master race that was to rule the world. This association with Nazi mentality is an immature and deep-rooted fear that we must overcome before any serious debate over cloning can take place.  After all, Hitler was a vegetarian and millions of people still manage to eat a salad without feeling guilty.

The Second World War changed humanity forever by instigating an egalitarian view throughout the Western world.  Most people continue to believe that we are all born equal in intelligence, character, talents and other abilities except for minor differences in hair, eye, skin color, height and other appearances.  Major differences are dismissed as being caused by environmental, social, psychological, or traumatic conditions.

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