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Human Homicide Bomber Clones — The Coming Weapons of Eugenics

YOWUSA.COM, 27-April-02
Steve Russell

Star Wars CloneIn only a few days time, the concept of cloning and some of the inherent consequences will be enjoyed by millions of people when they flood into cinemas to be dazzled by the latest addition to the Star Wars saga, "Attack of the Clones".  In reality, a new clone war is developing over human cloning technology.  If you see the movie, wait until the credits roll to contemplate one simple fact: The Arab world is wildly enamored with the Palestinians because they wrap their children in dynamite and send them to restaurants and malls to kill innocent people.  If we take this trivialization of life to the next step, a dark future looms ahead of us where well-funded fanatics, terrorists, despots and rogue nations can and will clone entire armies of homicide bombers and they'll look just like their intended victims.

Despite this horrifying sociological precedent, science is moving with great haste to present humanity with mind numbing possibilities and eagerly highlighting the paths toward several futures.  All they want is a clear go-ahead from society with an ethical way forward -- but ethical for whom? Or more to the point, who will care about ehtics and who will not?

The Eugenics Genie is
Already Out of the Bottle

However, given that three women in Europe are purportedly carrying human clones in their wombs, our procrastinating war of words continue, has left our future in the hands of dangerous mavericks bent on reinventing mankind. The eugenics clock could is already ticking towards an uncertain and troubled future.

What is making this new war even more serious, are the latest promises from scientists to complete the mapping of our genome.

Scotsman.Com, April 15, 2002
Scientists race ahead in genome mapping

SCIENTISTS vowed yesterday to publish the complete sequence of the human genome by spring 2003.Lap-Chee Tsui, the president of the Human Genome Organization (HUGO), said the breakthrough was destined to turn medicine on its head.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that our progression down the genetic path is accelerating at a faster rate than society can keep up with.  President Bush recently explained the cloning issues that will define our future.

White House, April 10, 2002
President Bush Calls on Senate to Back Human Cloning Ban

In the current debate over human cloning, two terms are being used: reproductive cloning and research cloning.  Reproductive cloning involves creating a cloned embryo and implanting it into a woman with the goal of creating a child.  Fortunately, nearly every American agrees that this practice should be banned.  Research cloning, on the other hand, involves the creation of cloned human embryos, which are then destroyed to derive stem cells.

Both of these alternatives present their own advantages and disadvantages, however they both share a common problem.

American Medical Association, June 1998
Report 98: The Ethics of Human Cloning

somatic cellSince the somatic cell from which clones originate likely will have acquired mutations, serial cloning would compound the accumulation that occurs in somatic cells.  Although these mutations might not be apparent at the time of cloning, genetics problems could become exacerbated in future generations.

Evolution relies on a continual mixing and matching of genes to keep the gene pool alive.  With any cloning, the natural process of selection of genes would be bypassed and evolution would be impaired. 

Keeping this common problem in mind, lets take a look at the future each of these research scenarios present.

Stem Cell Research

The debate against cloning embryos for the purpose of stem cell research can be summarized by statements in President Bush's recent speech.

White House, April 10, 2002
President Bush Calls on Senate to Back Human Cloning Ban

Life is a creation, not a commodity.

...no human life should be exploited or extinguished for the benefit of another.

The Matrix Breeding FieldGrowing vast quantities of embryos in order to create cells to benefit others conjures up dramatic scenes with fields of human cells being cultivated similar to the movie "The Matrix".  However, the cloning process is only designed to create a handful of human cells before the procedure stops.  Compared with the alternative of creating an entire fetus with human form, this would undoubtedly be the lesser, safer path of the two evils. Nonetheless, human cloning technology has already reached a stage where there is nothing anyone can do to stop it from progressing on a covert basis. But are the responsible governments of the world hamstringing their own efforts at least publicly?

President Bush recently declared a total ban on all forms of cloning, along with Australia's Prime Minister, John Howard.  Since this is indeed a lesser evil, it is little wonder that some countries have allowed this technology to continue.  America and Australia are taking the risk of being left behind in this race to cure the world of its most devastating diseases.

Scotsman.Com, March 7, 2002
Chinese scientists have cloned human embryos

CHINESE scientists last night said they had cloned dozens of human embryos and even fused human tissue into a rabbit egg in a bid to produce stem cells.  The Chinese researchers claimed they were far more advanced than scientists in Britain, and the US had suspected that they have already harvested stem cells from cloned embryos, sought after by scientists who believe they offer hope for a cure for everything from Alzheimer's disease to paralysis.

Given the appalling human rights record of China, do we really want to leave the potential fate of a healthy world in their hands alone? They have even put embryonic experiments into space.

Space.Com, April 15, 2002
China Space Plans Advance; Station in Near Future

Clearing the way for further progress is the successful flight of the automated Shenzhou 3.  Lofted into space on March 25, the craft's return module parachuted to Earth on April 1.  The vehicle's orbital module remains in space and has been manoeuvred by ground controllers. Among items stuffed inside the spacecraft's return module:  A box of black-bone chicken eggs was also flown.  This experiment was designed to study the effects of space travel on embryo growth, inheritance and breed selection, according to state-controlled media sources.

In February, the influential House of Lords committee in the UK also gave the go-ahead for this research to progress under strict regulation.  Now the creators of Dolly the sheep even want to take advantage of this new avenue of research.

BBC News,April 10, 2002
Dolly creators eye human embryos

ClonerThe scientists who cloned Dolly the sheep are to seek permission to carry out experiments on human embryos.

They want to investigate ways of harvesting human stem cells which are found in the growing embryo.

"It is a significant shift for us and a natural way to go."

Bush and Howard are only allowing their countries to be work on existing IVF cells.  The danger with using stem cells from left over IVF procedures is that the stem cells could be of inferior quality.  Since the best two embryos are implanted into the prospective mother, the others are of lesser quality and could negatively impact on the results of further research.  This could cause Australia and the US to be left blindly in the dust as this new research accelerates into the future.

To decide if you are against cloning for stem cell research, you must ask yourself is there really any "ethical difference" between using remaining IVF embryos and cloned ones?

While many are willing to pursue the cloning of embryos for life saving stem cells, there is only a select rogue few willing to cross the line of sensibility and attempt cloning to reproduce an actual child.

Constructing Babies

The two main instigators of this research that we will discuss later are Professor Severino Antinori and Dr Panos Zavos.  They have recently announced that they have created the world's first cloned baby with the mother being eight weeks pregnant.

Either these rogues are flat out lying and seeking nothing more than publicity, or they are the most irresponsible and unethical mavericks ever involved with the scientific community.

With the risks of attempting such an experiment so high for both mother and child, we can only pray that this has not been attempted.

New Scientist, April 10, 2002
Clone pregnancy risks womb cancer

In November, the world's first cloned baby could be born, if recent reports are to be believed.  But cloning experts are horrified and say that even if the baby is healthy, the mother could be at a high risk of a rare invasive womb cancer.

Scientists have continually been producing a disturbing array of abominations never before seen in nature.

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