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Bearden's Free Energy MEG Destined For Chapter Eleven

YOWUSA.COM, 14-April-01
Marshall Masters

Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG)On March 26, 2002, American inventor Tom Bearden was awarded United States Patent number 6,362,718 for his revolutionary Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG).  In order to get that patent, Bearden had to provide the Patent Office with a working prototype, which he did! Given that Bearden's MEG can be easily produced without exotic manufacturing techniques or expensive rare Earth minerals, the possibility that America can quickly become energy independent is a real possibility -- maybe.

Rather than accolades and honors, Bearden and his MEG are more destined for a disastrous if not fatal future with Chapter 11 from two different legal sources.  First will be North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Chapter 11, and unless Congress works quickly to protect this phenomenal discovery, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy will then kill off whatever is left and doom us all to continued oil dependency.

Why YOWUSA Supports Bearden's MEG

Tom BeardenThe awarding of a patent to Bearden for his MEG has essentially gotten a blip in the mainstream media if any.  Given that the US Patent Office does not hand out patent numbers for pie-in-the-sky ideas why isn't the mainstream media jumping on this?

One could argue that this is because vested interests want to squelch this incredible gift to mankind, which could very well be the case.  However, what we see is that the media's relative inattentiveness is largely due to the geekish manner in which it has been presented to the public.  Yet, the word is getting out.

After seeing the MEG announcement on the Unknown Country web site, I was intrigued and contacted my other YOWUSA writers asking them to investigate the technology.  At first they were skeptical as most folks are, but what stuck in my mind was the fact that BEARDEN WAS AWARDED A PATENT.  

To be honest, the vast majority of documents we've seen on this technology are typical technobabble designed to impress scientific peers.  Yet, Bearden's MEG, if self-motivated interests do not block it, represents an evolutionary development that will profoundly change our lives. 

Or look at it this way. The steam engine propelled us out of the agrarian age; the internal combustion engine propelled us out of the industrial age; and Bearden's MEG will carry us into the information age while freeing us from pollution and the kinds of economics that help to breed wars and the rumors of wars. 

All of this notwithstanding, our most skeptical critic was Jacco van der Worp, YOWUSA's resident physicist.  After a healthy dose of my "good-natured" cajoling, Jacco agreed to review the patent and then discuss it with me. 

We both read through the patent materials and related web pages before I called him last Sunday in the Netherlands.  We spoke for over three hours and we beat this thing back and forth till we finally came to the conclusion that Bearden actually has done it!  Further, if anyone deserves to become a Nobel Laureate, it is Tom Bearden.  OK, so what's in it for us you ask?

JLN Labs - MEGYOWUSA has no vested interest in this technology, other than the fact that we're all drooling to hook a MEG up to our homes. 

Yet, we fear that may not happen in our lifetimes unless an immediate groundswell of support is not quickly generated to counter the antics of the vested interest's "honorable" members of the legal profession, who will descend upon Bearden to tie up the MEG with useless litigation on behalf of their self-interested clients for years, if not decades.

Therefore, this article, which is the first of a series of articles YOWUSA will run on the incredible MEG, is focused on the real threat that lurks in the shadows for Bearden and his noble aims — NAFTA. 

In the coming weeks, we also plan to publish an article titled "A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Free Energy MEG" by Jacco van der Worp and "Bearden, The Free Energy Man" by Janice Manning. 

But for now, let's focus on NAFTA and why it presents a deadly threat to Bearden's MEG.

NAFTA's "Sucking Sound"

Presidential candidate. H. Ross PerotFor those of you who were old enough to watch television back in 1991, you couldn't help but remember Reform Party founder and Presidential candidate. H. Ross Perot.  If you are Democrat you love him because he got 19% of the vote, mostly from then President Bush, which threw the election to Bill Clinton.  If you are a Republican, you're still sticking pins in your Ross Perot voodoo doll. 

But for those of us on the disaffected fringe, Perot was great fun to watch on the television with his straight talk and boardroom style presentation aides. 

Best of all we loved the way he called NAFTA that "giant sucking sound."  But the "its the economy stupid" political theory prevailed and NAFTA was finally enacted in 1993.

Free Trade Nightmares

So, what to those who favor NAFTA have to say?

Progressive Policy Institute, July 1, 1997
NAFTA: A Progressive Look at a Landmark Agreement after Three Years

When the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was negotiated, progressives endorsed NAFTA as one tool among many for taking control of our economic future.

NAFTA was path breaking. It raised the floor for trade rules far beyond any previous free trade agreements.

NAFTA should be a model for future agreements in the Americas.

Fine; fine; fine. Let's not get into a globalization debate. Rather, let's look at NAFTA's own Energy Disputes Catch-22 against progress — Chapter 11.

Article 1110: Expropriation and Compensation
Chapter Eleven: Investment

Article 1110: Expropriation and Compensation1. No Party may directly or indirectly nationalize or expropriate an investment of an investor of another Party in its territory or take a measure tantamount to nationalization or expropriation of such an investment ("expropriation"), except:

(a) for a public purpose;

(b) on a non-discriminatory basis;

(c) in accordance with due process of law and Article 1105(1); and

(d) on payment of compensation in accordance with paragraphs 2 through 6.

2. Compensation shall be equivalent to the fair market value of the expropriated investment immediately before the expropriation took place ("date of expropriation"), and shall not reflect any change in value occurring because the intended expropriation had become known earlier. Valuation criteria shall include going concern value, asset value including declared tax value of tangible property, and other criteria, as appropriate, to determine fair market value.

This looks harmless… right? Since when are lawyers paid hundreds of dollars an hour to draft something harmless?  As you will see, NAFTA Chapter 11 is about as harmless as a sleeping Pit Bull and a real nightmare for anyone in the energy business like Bearden.

This is because Bearden's MEG, actually represents an environmentally friendly approach to energy creation and management.  Unfortunately, a dangerous energy/environment precedent now exists thanks to NAFTA Chapter 11.

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