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Science and Technology

yowusa.com/scitechScience and technology are evolving at a blinding pace and with mixed results.  This web site owes its existence to the Internet, which is also serves the interests of spammers, pornographers and Islamist terrorists. 

We’re progressing onward but where exactly are we going? We’re building more intelligent bombs to kill enemies who could care less about our collateral damage and planting genetically enhanced crops to feed a hopelessly overpopulated world. Nonetheless, can we do worse than nature itself?

Consider this, we're fly enough jumbo jets each day to spread a virulent new plague to every corner of the Earth long before the first victim shows up in an emergency room.  Yet, it is migrating birds crossing our contrived borders who are carrying the deadly Avian influenza. Powerless to stop them, all we can do is hope this virus does not mutate into another 1918 Influenza Pandemic nightmare.

In one moment it is all marvelous and in another, terrifying in ways we could have never imaged.  The only way to cope is to seek the truth wherever it may lead you, and then share it with others.  That’s what we do. After that, you decide.

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