Saving Families From Vaccine Shedding and the Kiss of Death

| August 3, 2022

Saving Families From Vaccine Shedding and the Kiss of DeathAs of mid-2022, over 5.28 billion people, roughly 68.8 percent of the world population, have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.

Save for those who received saline placebos; the rest are contaminated with weaponized genetic weapons.

Now that it is in the blood, what is the meaning of all this?  We’re now a bifurcated species with a corrupted genome, and front-line medical experts predict that half or more of the vaccinated will perish in the coming five years.

It’s hard to imagine what’s happening now; as young couples flip through their wedding albums, they now keep seeing happy faces lost to SADS, a tragedy of beautiful young people who go to sleep and never wake up.

Folks, this has to stop, and I believe in God, the Creator of all things, and that he would not leave us bereft of a solution.  We must overcome suppression by putting as many eyes on the problem as possible so that heaven can help us through divine appointments and synchronicity.

To this end, I have formulated a plan for a permanent grass-roots online network of gated communities to save families from vaccine shedding and the Globalist kiss of death.

I say this as a retired Silicon Valley systems analyst with nearly 25 years of experience in the industry.  My former clients included notable firms such as AT&T, Hewlett Packard, SUN Microsystems, Oracle, and Lockheed Martin, and now it’s time to pay it forward.

If we do this right the first time, we’ll make a big difference in the lives of grandparents who want to kiss their grandchildren good night.   How do we make this work?

As with all survival situations, you must first assess your situation, formulate a plan, and then take action on that plan, even if it is not the best one.

The plan I am proposing is open source, off-the-shelf proven, cheap, infinitely scalable, and needs to be executed with precision, camaraderie, and above all, the power of love.

It requires the help of those with the necessary skills, and I also hope Patriots with military and first-responder experience will step up because evil never goes away, nor does it sleep.  It waits.

The world needs to overcome this vaccine plague.  So this manifesto is for critical thinkers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners interested in helping to make the Internet useful again so we can help families everywhere.

Assessing the Situation

The bad news for the vaccinated is that the DNA in every cell of their bodies is now alien to what God gave us.  This helps to explain why life insurance companies are reporting a 40% increase in policy payouts, primarily for working-age adults.

What’s the bottom line?

In terms of the nation, it is a matter of time before we see rows of refrigerated trailers parked behind every morgue in America.   But more to the point, let’s talk about you, dear reader.

Is your grandmother jabbed, and you’re not?

Before you kiss her good night on the cheek, consider this.  The spike protein and self-assembling nanites are passed through vaccine shedding—a literal kiss of death outcome, and none of this could be possible without the suppression of wokeism.

Tragically, as a result of wokeism, the unvaccinated have suffered years of humiliation and abuse at the hands of useful idiots (Normies).  Consequently, mixed family gatherings have become vaccine-shedding events.

What are the unvaccinated to do?  Flee to the hills and live like isolated castaways, eating bugs and grass?  No.  That is what defeat looks like, so why give the Globalists the satisfaction?

Instead, we must act with love and shared resolve to save our genetic authenticity or cease to exist as the free and independent species as God, the Creator of All, made us.

But when do we take action?

Option one is to wait and watch as the propaganda of our government and corporate media hides the ongoing slaughter until every family in America is reeling from the loss of loved ones, and all this becomes a graveside issue.

Option two.  We take action today.  We organize to investigate and think outside the box, and while the vaccinated ruminate in denial, we unvaccinated critical thinkers must take the lead.

Sounds great in theory, but how do we do it?  It’s like the old gag line, “how do you eat an elephant; one spoonful at a time.”  Spoonful no. 1 is vaccine shedding.

Vaccine Shedding

Regardless of whether you took the jab or not, the point is moot, thanks to shedding.  It’s in the blood now, and we must deal with it.  It’s about families helping families now, and that’s complicated – very complicated.

For example, only 3% of the boomer generation (people born from 1946 to 1964) refused the jab.  How did this work out for boomers with families?  They were often treated with contempt by their children and cut off from their grandchildren.

Ten Stages of Genocide

They’ve learned that woke family members are as influential as the Hitler Youth of Nazi Germany, where one captured child could silence an entire family with a stare.

Many of those Hitler Youth died on the battlefield, yet, their odds of survival were still better than those who took the jab today because the best case scenario today is that only half of the vaccinated will die, whereas the worst case is that all will die.

Where does this come from, one may wonder?  Lab results for test animals.  No matter the mRNA vaccine, half of all lab animals injected died within weeks or months, which is why mRNA never made it out of the labs – until Fauci et al.

How does this play for procreation?  Let’s assume dad got jabbed to save his career and mom was not.  Does it matter if they want to have children now?  Sadly, yes.

We Are Now a Bifurcated Species

For decades, whenever I used the term “the end of life as we know it,” it was always in a fuzzy, indefinite future tense.  No more.

With the vaccine plague, the end of life has happened because we are now a bifurcated species, divided for the first time by our DNA status.  That being contaminated or authentic, and sadly, this is a fait accompli because this terrible eugenics plan for humanity has largely achieved its goals.

According to recent videos by front-line doctors and researchers, there are things we can do to hopefully mitigate the crisis, but the consequences may already be irreversible on a species-wide basis.

More Doctors Warn World: The mRNA Shots May Poison Entire Human Genome

WARNING: This factual video is disturbing.  Parents and grandparents should watch it alone before showing it to underage, vaccinated family members.

The key message in this video is that after vaccination, men’s semen and women’s ovaries are negatively affected because the spike protein DNA invades every cell in the body and can hide and skip generations.

Worst yet, while the vaccinated can still have children, doing so will pass this insidious DNA corruption onto their children.  Even though their children may appear normal and fully functional, they’ll be silent carriers of the vaccine plague, and their children will pay the price.

The sheer evil of this is staggering.  No parent should have to see their child die, and to this fate, we have blindly consigned the innocent of the future to suffer in ways most direly.

Will there be justice for all this?  Eventually, yes, but by then, it shall be as satisfying as a footnote on a gravestone, leaving everyone struggling with the same question.  How do we give meaning to this tragic sacrifice?

To give it meaning, we must publically call for creating multiple, publicly-supported, authentic sperm and egg banks to protect the human genome.  This existential need for humanity is too important to trust greedy corporations and evil governments.

In the meantime, if we are to stop this vaccine plague, we must act proactively.  As others save seeds for the future and build the gallows for the guilty, I propose we critical thinkers and  Patriots focus our collective efforts on creating hope for the future with like-minded others.

If we do this, we will find a solution.  Believe it!

Hope for the Future

In the coming times, billions of good honest people will perish, and they and their loved ones will all struggle with a question that is sure to echo throughout eternity.


How could we have been so gullible?

Humanity has taken the lead in the Holocene extinction, the sixth mass extinction of life on our planet; we, the most prolific predator species in history.  That’s right, folks.  Tag, we’re it.  It’s in the blood now, and we must deal with it because it’s already dealing us out.

But take heart, folks, our odds are better than you may think because we’ve already had one colossal victory, and had it not been for suppression, it would have received a ticker tape parade., Jul 5, 2019
Donald Trump Was Right to Ban Huawei After All, Study Suggests

A new study has uncovered information showing that US President Donald Trump may have made the right decision in imposing a ban on Chinese telecoms giant Huawei for reasons of national security.

Trump Bans Huawei 5G

The study, carried out by Professor Christian Balding of Fulbright University Vietnam and the Henry Jackson Society, a London-based think tank, revealed deep links between some of the company’s key staff and Chinese military intelligence – information Huawei had never disclosed before.

According to the report, 11 Huawei staff attended the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Information Engineering University which is widely known as China’s hub for information warfare research.  In at least one instance, a current employee of the company held a dual role with the Chinese government entity directly responsible for overseeing the country’s espionage and counterintelligence efforts.

What Trump did was a blessing in 2019, and I tried to speak about it as often as possible.  Critical thinkers got it, but for most, I failed to make it Tik-Tok-simple, so you know, the old saw.  Move along; nothing to see here.

We wonder, how much of COVID is statistical and how much is real?   Has anyone seen any of the following?

  1. An electron microscope image of SARS-CoV-2?
  2. A vaccine data safety sheet that wasn’t a blank sheet of paper?
  3. How much money doctors and hospitals have made with the Fauci death protocol?

Please submit your evidence in triplicate to the White House: Attention of the Czar of Political Persecution du Jour.  Then wait for hell to freeze over.

While you chew on that, I believe I finally figured out how to explain this in Tik-Tok-simple terms, so let’s throw some spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks.  Here goes.

When Trump banned Huawei in 2019, he gave every American the chance to fight for his or her life.  That’s it, so what is this about?

A Binary WMD Weapon System

The vaccine and Huawei were designed to be the side-by-side components of a binary weapon system.  They were developed to enable the CCP to target individuals, groups, and entire nations for an assignation, which has been in the works for some time.

When did this all begin?  That’s a difficult question to answer, but there is one date worthy of examination.  May 3, 2012., May 3, 2012 Launches new AncestryDNA Service: The Next Generation of DNA Science Poised to Enrich Family History Research

Affordable DNA Test Combines Depth of Family History Database with An Extensive Collection of DNA Samples to Open New Doors to Family Discovery (Nasdaq: ACOM), today announced the launch of its highly anticipated AncestryDNA™ service, a new affordable DNA test that enables purchasers of the DNA test and subscribers of to combine new state-of-the-art DNA science with the world’s largest online family history resource and a broad global database of DNA samples.

The new DNA test analyzes a person’s genome at over 700,000 marker locations, cross referencing an extensive worldwide DNA database with the aim of providing exciting insights into their ethnic backgrounds and helping them find distant cousins who may hold the keys to exciting family history discoveries.  By combining these genetic matches with’s 34 million family trees and 9 billion records, AncestryDNA intends to provide a differentiated experience that helps find common ancestors dating back as far as the middle 18th Century.

The current owner of is Blackstone Group, which begs a logical question.  Is this about a financial incentive to create a database for genetic targeting?   Yes, and here is why.

Gene weaponization techniques are so advanced these days that those with access to your genetic code can use it to create a lethal virus that will kill only you and you alone.

If you are a high-value target, they will likely infect someone you trust to get close enough to you for delivery, who will become an unwitting carrier to shed it on you.  As they say, old tricks are the best, and it’s much easier to infect an innocent child than an adult with a security detail.

After your loving child kisses you good night, you’ll wake up dead, and nobody will be the wiser for it, but that’s not even half of it.

On a broader scale, imagine you are the leader of a country with Huawei 5G towers and a heavily jabbed citizenry.

One day, you’re at the top of your game when the Chairman of the CCP calls you with a very pointed message.  “Accept unconditional surrender, or I will destroy your population.  You have ten minutes to decide.”

What do you do with your ten minutes?  Here is a possible scenario.

You listen to your captured television generals tell you the bitter truth, on cue, as per instructions from Beijing.   They solemnly inform you the man on the other end of the line has a button.  If he pushes it, your country’s Huawei 5G towers will likely broadcast hidden coded signals on unlicensed frequencies.

These secret signals are received by the self-assembling nanites in the blood, which serve as antenna arrays for the spike proteins in the body.

Once the activation code is received via 5G broadcasts, the resulting deaths may be mercifully quick or slow and painful.  Yes, vaccine death targeting can be this precise for a nation, one person, and everything else in-between.

Your ten minutes are up, and at that point.  “Mr. Chairman, we surrender.”  Now you and your nation are over a barrel, and the best you can do is to pray that fate will be kind.

Tell me, readers, did I get anywhere near Tick-Tok-simple?  I hope I did because thanks to Trump banning Huawei in 2019, we have a chance to fight for our lives and our species.

What do we do with this gift?  We put as many eyes on the search for a solution as possible without the interference of trolls, bots, and evil operatives.  As for me, I refuse to squander this most precious of second chances as I do have a plan, and here is the elevator pitch.

The Search for Solutions

We search for a solution to the vaccine plague, beginning with where the Globalists most heavily oppose us to reveal whatever they are hiding from us.

They’re hiding a simple, universal truth.

All weapon systems have an overlooked, fatal flaw.  Find it, and you can defeat the system and those who employed it against you.

WMD Binary Weapon System

Trump pushed their schedule to a reckless pace and undermined their ability to project power, so there can be no doubt that the binary vaccine and 5G weapon system has at least one fatal flaw, if not more.

If we can get enough eyes on the problem, eventually, we’ll find those flaws and defeat an evil adversary.  We’ll use this as a starting point for our search for a solution.

All we know for now is that we see the tip of the iceberg, but it’s showing us that the most closely guarded secrets of the Globalists are that this weapon was created to serve a Luciferian purpose and that it incorporates extraterrestrial technology.  I challenge anyone to present independently verifiable evidence to the contrary.

Damn, that’s bad.  How can we little people hope to crack something like this?

The answer is found in an old Roman axiom.  “Many roads lead to the heart of a great mystery.”  We need eyes on the problem and a way for front-line doctors and honest people to work together and to leave no stone unturned.

In other words, it takes a small army of truth seekers marching toward the mystery upon many roads.  Inevitably, one will stumble upon the flaw somewhere along the line.

Will this strategy work?  It always does.  For example, by 1879, Edison had already tested more than 1600 materials before he found the right one for his light bulb filament, which turned out to be filament–carbonized bamboo.

What is not often mentioned is that he had a team of 40 men, each analyzing 40 different materials.  Ergo, Edison + 80 more eyeballs on the problem.

Ergo, when we eventually find a solution to the vaccine plague, it will not be a single thing but rather a combination of things that may not have appeared promising at first glance.

Therefore, our first path is to investigate natural health alternatives on the fringe, especially those big pharma executives and the FDA work so diligently to quash and suppress.

One Good Clue Leads to Another

I was an Army medic (91B) as a young fellow, so I decided to start my search for clues with disinfectants, and here is what I found:

  • Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl): As a surface disinfectant, it is 80X more effective than bleach and has earned a commercial reputation as a COVID killer. It is reportedly efficacious in treating eczema, psoriasis, and gum disease.

I was so impressed; that I bought a HOCL generator for myself and moved to the second path, alternative disease treatment.  Here is what I found:

  • Chlorine Dioxide (Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS): Brutally suppressed by the FDA, MMS is reportedly efficacious in treating maladies such as malaria, Lyme disease, and cancer.
  • Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO): Demeaned as “horse liniment” by the FDA, it’s been purported to be an efficacious treatment for Arthritis, cancer, chemotherapy side effects, and general pain.

DMSO has been studied as a vehicle for administering topical drugs as it absorbs quickly into the skin.

Years ago, I witnessed a physician treating patients with IV DMSO to replace the need for cortisone injections.  The patients told me they loved it and reported that the DMSO worked better than cortisone and that each IV treatment lasted for a month.

Let’s tally the score so far.  We’ve gone down two paths, found three good clues, and have a good start as every good clue leads to another.

The third path took me back to 2015 when I was authoring Surviving the Planet X Tribulation.

At that time, I used low doses of Monatomic Gold, or Manna as it is called to enhance my natural psychic abilities, which it did to good effect.  After authoring the book, I quit using it and forgot about it until I started this article.

What is important to note is that the history of Manna is ancient and that the ruling class in ancient Egypt prized it.

After a quick search, I turned up a website in the UK with an exciting take on it.  Please note the BOLD text below., May 22, 2019
DNA Correction and Mind Body Perfection With Monatomic Gold

Mono-atomic elements, also known as ORMUS (Orbitally Rearranged Molecules of Unusual Size), are a group of molecules that could be classified as ‘pre-metals’ and have the ability to correct DNA, among other amazing properties.

Discovered by Einstein in the 1920’s and again by David Hudson, an Arizona farmer, in the 1970’s, these monoatomic elements are thought to be “10,000 times more abundant than their metallic counterparts.”

David Hudson goes on to explain that the DNA is corrected because it relaxes in the presence of the ORMUS and in this relaxed state, the DNA actually recombines corrected.

Granted, I was familiar with a few of these things to a certain degree, but the fact remains that in just a few hours, I parlayed that experience into tangible clues, and now here is the kicker.

Following my initial Manna research, I contacted a front-line doc who began treating her Covid patients off-protocol in March 2020.  Each one had a full recovery to the dismay of her hospital administrations, so a bit of backstory in courage here.

The administrators at the clinic she worked in sorely wanted to fire her, but she was the only one whose patients didn’t die, and they all enjoyed full recoveries.  For this reason, firing her would be tricky because patients of docs who used the Fauci death protocol were dying.

She soldiered until January 2022, when SCOTUS forced her hand, and it came down to submit to Presidential tyranny or leave medicine.  She took down her shingle and retired.  Gutsy!

I called her to talk about Monatomic Gold, mentioned that gold and silver are used for treating diabetic wounds, and asked what she thought about it relative to the vaccine plague.

Her answer surprised me.  She said, “It’s funny you should say that.  I’ve been thinking about Monatomic Gold for a few weeks now.”

That, my dear reader, is called synchronicity, and it happens when spiritual, critical thinkers come together to search for solutions, provided they can freely communicate.

A Failure to Communicate

The Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969 gave the world’s ordinary people a new sense of connection as a species.  Back then, Americans were far better information consumers at this time, and critical thinking was broadly respected.

In those days, it was common for people to take the local newspaper and subscribe to one or more weekly news magazines or newsletters.  Some drove to a local newsstand on Sundays for a copy of the Sunday Times or the Wall Street Journal.  Also, public libraries were popular, and thanks to the brain-sucking monotony of daytime television, we had time for contemplation.

That changed in the 90s when the Internet sprang to life as an inspiring public square, and the sense of global connection we felt during the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969 came back in spades.

Oh, it was a glorious time for the public square when we could post something on a public site and launch the most interesting conversations.  It was so beautiful, but alas, beauty would bring the beast.

As with all other public institutions, the Internet was captured post 9/11, and our glorious public square slowly became a frightful public landfill.  Having to carefully pick through virtual trash for whatever you need is no fun.

Has this happened to you as of late?   As your finger hovered over the mouse button, your Spidey sense alarm went off.  Beware; you could be, as the old saying goes from the trenches of WWI, you are “the third man on a match!”

If so, what did you do?  Did you click, edit or delete?

Congratulations, reader, you now understand the first law of social credit systems.  Anything you say can and will be used against you for the remainder of your natural life and beyond.

Social credit platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tik-Tok, were built and financed by government intelligence agencies for information warfare upon the people.  Yes, we’re the enemies, and we’re still waiting for the printed invitations to arrive.

Nonetheless, why do the Globalists go to all this trouble?

They need a populace with a sufficient level of gullibility.  For that reason, wokeism is an anti-social disorder propagated by these social credit Internet platforms and others.

With liberals, it has been a love-hate relationship with the Constitution.  In 1969 they loved it, and would never have submitted to vaccine tyranny.  Their protests over vaccine mandates would have dwarfed those of the Vietnam War era by orders of magnitude.

What the Globalists can do today would have been an impossible non-starter in 1969 because America was better informed and more passionate about freedom, family, and faith.

After 9/11, everything became darker as psychopaths and their minions came quietly to take a spoil.  Like boiling a frog alive, we slowly adapted to the abuse, and now we run a gauntlet of protected predators, lusting for our money, children, homes, and even our very lives.

This widespread corruption is rendered the Internet into a dangerous and marginally useful knowledge tool, despite its vast depth of information resources.

The reason for this is the Big Tech emphasis on quantity over quantity.

A stellar example of quantity is Musk’s battle with Twitter over proof that less than 5% of their users are bots and fake accounts.  However, it’s far more significant than that, and industry observers regard it as a house of cards about to implode.

Twitter should have sulked off with nothing and let the media clean up the mess for them.  But as evil always does, it overreaches, and now Twitter has filed a lawsuit against Musk; they’ve become the proverbial fly that captured the flypaper.  Unlike the Internet, watching this will be fun.

All this contributes to the growing view that big tech is about quantity over quality.  The more quantity you have, the more you win because regardless of how you seize it, the ends always justify the means.

The bottom line is that Big Tech suppression justifies an end to their means.  The only way we can fix the problem is not to participate in their life-sucking systems anymore.

If we do, we’ll stop swallowing their stupid pills, designed to dull us from our natural ability to connect the dots.  For the vast majority, the Internet has become like smoking cigarettes.

They make money on you coming and going, and given that Google controls 90% of the search market, how does that translate into a human addiction experience?  To answer that poser, let’s divide humanity into an imaginary three-layer pyramid.

At the top are the few who make things happen.  White hats and black hats alike.

The more significant middle layer below that is comprised of critical thinkers.  They watch the folks at the top for many reasons.

Finally, there is the enormous base of the pyramid itself.  Here we find the vast majority are typically unaware, indifferent, or focused elsewhere.  The rule of this jungle is to keep it Tik-Tok simple.  Do that, and you’re the proverbial one-eye King in the land of the blind.

Sadly, there is nothing as blind as wokeism.  Woe to those who go off the narrative and ask: “What exactly am I looking at?”   Danger, Will Robinson, danger!

If you are caught doing this, someone who knows better will summarily command you as a stern mother would her 13-year-old son.  “You keep doing that, and you’ll go blind.”

That being said, the present combination of a vaccine plague and The Great Awakening is slowly changing the dynamic for the better.  However, things are so foul; that it will take decades to clean up this mess.  For most, that’s OK, but for families suffering the vaccine plague, time is of the essence.

This is why it’s up to us critical thinkers of today to start an organized search for a solution to the vaccine plague and have faith because there is good news.

Groundbreaking ideas do not come into being by order of tyrannical bureaucrats.  Instead, they often come about as an unintended consequence of searching for a solution to something completely different.

In this way, one could think of discoveries as a way to keep score because what matters is that the game is always afoot. After all, one good clue always leads to another.

Unfortunately, thanks to the organized suppression of free speech, we seem to be in a perpetual state of clued-in interruptus, so what will it take to make the Internet truly useful again?

A rightful expectation of safety, privacy, civility, and above all, usefulness, and what is useful?  Saving our families from the vaccine plague!  If you want to make that choice, then take heart.

Enter the Verified Fediverse Network – Making the Internet Useful Again

I propose the creation of what I have named the Verified Fediverse Network (VFN), and I dedicate it to all those seeking a solution to the curse of this terrible vaccine plague.  This is my mission and the overarching raison d’être for this plan.

To be successful, we must do it not for wealth nor because it pleases us to do so.

We do it for love, and this is not limited to a person, a nation, a faith, or an ethnicity.  It is more than that.  Humanity is facing a Near Extinction Level Event (NELE), and while we must take people one at a time, if we cannot love our own species, who in the universe will?

Families urgently need solutions for the vaccine plague, and those who seek them must be able to do so without being harassed and intimated by big tech bots, trolls, and disinformation operatives.

The VFN I propose does that.  It is a grass-roots online network of paywall and freewall sites for critical thinkers seeking to collaborate with like-minded others.  For a quick look, let’s break down Verified Fediverse Network.

Verified Fediverse Network

The VFN is a decentralized network of online gated communities designed to block bots, trolls, and operatives.

In this decentralized, person-to-person system, new users are verified with small online financial transactions, so the community as a whole shares a reasonable expectation of safety, privacy, and civility.  Remember, troublemakers, are averse to financial transactions.

To protect ourselves, we operate as a self-policing community for security.  We take care of ourselves, and the applicable Homeland Security rule is: “If You See Something, Say Something®,” but with one minor difference.

Every domain name affiliated with the network will have a report@ email address for the benefit of the membership, and network administrators will closely monitor it.

Regrettably, evil never sleeps.  It waits, so constant vigilance will always be necessary to identify and deal with those sneaky black hats.  On this front line will be ever-watchful volunteer VFN troll hunters.

Verified Fediverse Network

Fediverse is a word that will soon become as common as email and texting, and it will change our world for the better.  Its origins date back to 2008, and at first, the Fediverse grew slowly in fits and starts.

That changed following the introduction of an open-source social media platform called Mastodon in 2016.  Technically, Mastodon is superior to Twitter in many ways, but the most important is that it is a celebration of free speech. Dubbed the “Twitter Killer,” Trump’s social media Truth Social platform runs on Mastodon.

Contrast that with the abusive and oppressive Big Tech platforms funded by intelligence agencies as weapons against the people.

As the mainstream public awakens to brilliant new choices, their corrupt power will fade, and this may sound odd, but one day, Big Tech sites such as Facebook will be face down in the dirt.

However, the Fediverse is not just about the Mastodon “Twitter Killer.”  Visit the Fediverse Party, and you’ll see a wide range of alternatives to anything the Globalists have.

In keeping with this trend, the Verified Fediverse Network has a big tent mission.  It must go where its users go within the online universe of open source solutions.

These include the newer Fediverse and long-established open-source platforms such as WordPress (WP) and Simple Machines Forum (SMF).

Verified Fediverse Network

Our network is organized in a hub-and-spoke fashion similar to the nation’s commercial aviation system, with four levels.  Let’s imagine the system as parts of a wagon wheel.

  1. ALLIANCE: Network leadership is responsible for system health and security, and they are the axle of the network. Their job is to keep things spinning smoothly, and here is where the Troll Hunters do their thing.
  2. REFERRERS: The referrers are the hubs of the network. Their two-fold mission is security and the promotion of sponsors and their entrepreneurs and small business owners.
  3. SPONSORS: A sponsor owns and controls at least one internet domain name.  Each sponsor domain is a spoke.  Users are verified with sponsor platforms.
  4. USERS: The user community is like the rim of a wheel, connected universally to referrers (hubs) and sponsors (spokes).

Let’s take a quick look at the person-to-person verification chain to give you an idea of how the verification process works.

  1. ALLIANCE RECOGNIZES REFERRERS: To be recognized as a referrer, an applicant must undergo a background evaluation. Then, demonstrate a working PCI/DSS platform.  The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) is a global information security standard for financial processors.  Only individuals with a public face and name can become a referrer and are answerable to the Alliance.
  2. REFERRERS VERIFY SPONSORS: Referrers verify individual sponsors using online financial transactions and proof that they own and/or operate the domains under their direct control. Only individuals with a public face and name can become a sponsor and are answerable to the referrer and the Alliance.
  3. SPONSORS VERIFY USERS: Sponsors verify users entering the VFN through an online platform they own and control using online financial transactions.  Users are free to use pseudonyms (pen names) and avatars and are answerable to the sponsor, referrer, and the Alliance.
  4. VERIFIED USER ACCOUNTS: A verified user account is comprised of the usual bill-to-contact information, plus the verifying transaction ID, date, the full name of the sponsor, plus the full name of the sponsor’s referrer—no shadows to hide in here.  User verification status must be renewed annually.

All users, sponsors, referrers, and alliance members must agree to operate under universal VFN terms of service written in simple language and with as few rules as possible.

The aim is to encourage and support a self-policing community with the least amount of intervention.  Now you have a general concept, so here is what is in the works. 3.0 Coming Soon

In the coming weeks, you will see a new beta version of the VFN concept using and other sites we own and operate.

The 1.0 site was founded in late 1099.  It was a pure HTML platform, and in 2015, we upgraded with WordPress to 2.0. 3.0 will serve as a live concept model for the VFN system to help evangelize the concept.  It will offer new premium paywall options, including an introduction video for first-time visitors.  Paid member benefits will include unmoderated commenting on all posts, public and member-only article submissions, a member-only chat room, and more.

That being said, dear reader, the immediate need is organizational and technical in nature, so pardon me as I speak directly to those with the urgently needed skills and experience.

Call for Volunteers to Help Found the VFN Alliance

To Those With the Necessary Skills and Experience:

I’m looking for ten good men and women who get it and want to get it done, to assemble a quorum of volunteer subject matter experts from various fields, and establish the VFN Alliance.

As with all start-ups, the needs will be many, and the first will be strategic planning.

Once formed, the immediate task of the Alliance begins with an assessment of goals and resources to develop a multi-generational implementation plan.  At a minimum, the first release must establish a tested and scalable core VFN framework for future development.

Are start-ups your cup of tea?  I hope so because what I learned as a consultant in the Silicon Valley is that start-ups are like Buddhists.  They need one of everything.

This is why I’m hoping that some of you are seeing areas where you could bring considerable skills and experience to bear to halt this genocidal vaccine plague.  Not because we need to be the ones to find the solution.  That is not our fight.

Our fight is to get as many 1st class eyeballs as God and heaven will send us through networking, synchronicity, and divine appointments.  But is this your fight?  Consider this.

Thanks to shedding, you’re screwed, I’m screwed, and we’re all screwed.  If that doesn’t work for you, you only have one of three options.

  1. Do what you’re supposed to do. Crawl off into a hole and die.
  2. Flee to the hills and live like a hermit, raising your fists at heaven.
  3. You put your shoulder to this VFN network wheel and lean into it.


Before you decide if you have the skills and experience to help with this effort, here is a question.  What do a web developer in India, an herbalist in Canada, and a doctor in private practice in Ohio have in common?

They are entrepreneurs and small business owners, the bourgeoisie, as the French dubbed them, and they are the natural-born problem solvers we need for our purpose.   Engaged and well versed in late-breaking developments, they are self-organizing and goal driven.

This is why communists and tyrants suppress and destroy them.  Yet, those critical thinkers who survive the worst of these monsters soldier on because it is who they are.  They keep coming up with new holy cow ideas because they cannot help themselves.

Here is our unique opportunity.  The VFN offers the bourgeoisie a new way to expand their interests and build their business.  See if from their point of view.

For them, the pay-per-click business model is rigged because, win or lose, Big Tech always gets a juicy piece of the action.

Improving your odds of success will require expensive search engine optimization services that must focus on what some latte-sucking business illiterates decide to program into an AI.

The VFN offers the bourgeoisie a way to sidestep the hoops and financial burdens of costly pay-per-click advertising and onerous oversight.  On this network, the little guy can get a chance to get in the game without being milked at every turn by greedy oligopolies.

The way it works in the VFN, referrers promote the network and its community by offering online listing services for sponsors.

Each sponsor is free to post unmoderated news-you-can-use articles on the referrer’s site promoting their various platforms.  They can also offer articles to promote their users.

For example, a web developer in India becomes a referrer specializing in software services.  He then verifies each of the client websites he maintains as sponsors, who in turn verify the users of their domains.

Because the VFN is a global system, this India-based referrer is likewise listed by all other referrers in the network and visa-visa versa, expanding his reach far beyond India.

All this prompts a necessary question.  While this will be good for this fellow in India, what’s in it for us, and our mission to help families suffering the vaccine plague with a solution?

Here is where God’s ways can be wondrous.

So happens, a significant client of our web developer sponsor runs one of India’s most successful Ayurvedic medicine clinics.  The doctor who owns it had never heard of this project, not that his web developer tells him about it, he gets involved.

Synchronicity and divine appointments are how heaven works, and this is a sample of the many ways we’ll eventually get the best eyes on the problem.

To achieve this, we can create opportunities for our precious bourgeoisie because referrers are free to enter into any cross-promotion effort with sponsors and users that comply with the universal VFN terms of service.   And here is the best part.

ALL OF THIS FOR PENNIES!  This will be our greatest strength because we will do it for the one thing no greedy Globalist, corporatists, tyrant, or criminal can ever understand: the power of love.

The power of love for freedom, our way of life, and above all else, families everywhere who must endure the vaccine plague.

There is a solution out there because I firmly believe God would have it no other way; we just need the right eyes on the problem.  If you are interested in answering this mission call, please contact me at:

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