Reach for Your Freedom and It Shall Be Yours

| August 13, 2022

Reach for Your Freedom and It Shall Be YoursAs with all other major conflicts, this is an ongoing game of moves and countermoves, where the rhythm, pace, and severity of incidents slowly escalates until one day, a Rubicon is crossed, and there is no going back.

This week, America crossed the Rubicon of this long-brewing confrontation between the forces of light and the forces of darkness.  A time of extreme escalation will come as abuse, murder, and mayhem crash upon us in devastating crescendos.

Getting to this point has been awful, and as we advance, it will be worse now that we have crossed the Rubicon.  Sadly, there will be more suffering and loss ahead and worse than all we have experienced.

From this time forward, there are no more spectators.

What Side Are You On?

Like it or not, each of us is now on one side or the other in this epic confrontation of good and evil, either by choice or through neglect.

For the stouthearted men and women who cherish their freedom, these coming times will try their souls as the forces of evil work feverishly to eviscerate their will to resist, so they can completely crush them.

We are familiar with:

  • How well they infiltrate governments and institutions
  • Their ability to create terrible weapons of death and mayhem.
  • Their ability to pervert any semblance of truth in the media
  • Their ability to pervert any conversation on the Internet
  • Their rapacious financial systems drain us of the fruits of our labors and the very dignity of our lives.


Yet these and similar other abilities are not their greatest weapon.

Their greatest weapon is deceit, and they use it to intimidate with false displays of confidence or aggression to achieve sordid aims through deceit.

In a game of poker, this is called bluffing, and here we are, the good, live-and-let-live people of the world, sitting across the table from them with the full measure of our futures and lives literally heaped in a pile upon the center of this global gaming table.

Only now are many awakening to the bitter truth that we are in this predicament no thanks to human gullibility.

This realization brings us face-to-face with a simple choice.  Call or fold?

If you’re struggling with this decision looking at the paltry remains of your resources on the table before you, let me tell you what the casino owner sees from above.

Evil is holding aces and eights, a dead man’s hand as it is called, and they have racks and racks of chips to play.  What are the good people of the world holding?  A full house, but we must bet everything we hold dear to win.

America has been here before, many times.  With this in mind, I want to share with you a personal story of a veteran who inspired me in a way that would forever change my life.  I hope it will inspire you, as it has me.

Winners and Losers

During my senior year at Arizona State University, one of my requirements was a story for the school newspaper.  I had time to do it, so I looked carefully for a good storyline.

That was when I took notice of a man I had seen on campus for over a year with his wife.  His name was Harold Stark, and he had been an Army Cpl. during World War II.

Now blind in both eyes, he decided to get a college degree with his benefits, and we could see him going to classes with his wife and carrying a portable reel-to-reel recorder.  These were the days before wheelchair access, and his wife went with him everywhere to get him safely up and down the stairs.

They always were gracious and had beautiful smiles, he was happy, and she was so proud.  I decided they would be my story’s subject and asked them to interview, and they graciously accepted.

We went through the usual business of going around campus so I could take pictures of them for the story, after which we all went to Harold’s home for the interview in his audio editing work room.

Harold was on the Dean’s list with straight A’s every semester, and he earned each and every one of them in the most amazing way.  He recorded class lectures on a portable reel-to-reel recorder, then edited them into summaries at home in preparation for exams.

I was impressed with his editing room.  A pegboard where everything was exactly where it needed to be, and the counters and floor were so clean you could eat off them.

After getting the particulars, I got into the interview and had to ask about his being blind and how that came to be.

Harold told me that he was a courier and that a few days after the landing on Normandy he was carrying documents on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle from one command post to another when his motorcycle tripped a bouncing betty mine.

Terrible things these mines were, as they would pop up a few feet, detonating and sending shrapnel sideways to emasculate soldiers.   In this case, he was ahead when it exploded, and his back was peppered with shrapnel.

He recovered from his wound, except for a tiny piece of shrapnel the surgeons could not remove from the cervical region of the spine.  They said to try would be certain death to do so and that he would have to live with it, which he did.

For a few decades after the war, he had an everyday life, but then one day, that little piece of shrapnel started to move, which he explained caused him to go blind.

I asked him if science had possibly found something new for him—some surgical procedure that could safely remove the shrapnel.

His answer devastated me.  He said, “that’s not possible, and my doctors now tell me it is on the move again and that I am going to lose my hearing as well.”

I was thunderstruck to imagine this precious wonderful man being both blind and deaf.  Despite struggling to hold it back, as rivers of tears began flowing down my cheeks.  Never before that day, nor any day since, have I ever wept like that.

I struggled to suppress the sound and couldn’t find a word to say because I felt so badly for him.  Then I looked into Harold’s and saw his concern, which turned into a gentle, glowing countenance of love.

Then, he reached out, patted my knee, and said, “It’s okay.  It’s okay.  Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”

The loving spirit of courage he shared with me that day has always been as well defined in my mind as an indelible creaseNo matter how many times life’s difficulties have tried to iron it out, that crease endures.

It is important to choose our fights wisely, and when I know, I am fighting for good, no matter how high the stakes, I never fold.  I just look up and say, thank you, Cpl. Harold Stark.  Mission accomplished.

Winners never quit, and quitters never win.

The question now is, how are we going to win this particular fight, and here I believe I had the fortune of divine intervention with a message of hope for all of us who walk humbly with our God.

A Divine Plan

I founded as an alternative science in December 1999, and by the end of 2005, I was fully aware of the Agenda 21 plan and the horrors we now must endure.  2006 and 2007 were two of the most depressing years of my life because of what I could see before me.

These evil people were getting away with it because the rest of the world was too busy to notice or to dig for the truth.  From what I saw, they were winning and in horse racing parlance, not by a nose but by several lengths.  This set me on a path of discovery.

After publishing Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide in July 2007, I embarked upon a new avenue of research with Dutch physicist Jacco Van Der Worp and Janice Manning, editor of The Kolbrin Bible.  We set out to do a disciplined investigation of psychic channeling.

Once I made my intentions known to the Guides, one by one, gifted psychics would come and volunteer to help me.  I never had to actually ask anyone for help.  They just came.

What was interesting is all of them were middle-aged women with families or young grandmothers.  None of them knew the others, and all research was held in confidence, so this was a totally blind study that went on into late 2008.

I conducted the interviews via Skype.  Jacco and Janice were muted and communicated with me in the chat room.  Our psychics had a good range as usual and could bring in one or more the following three entity types:

  • Un-incarnated: Ascended entities that never incarnated in human form.
  • Incarnated: Entities that have incarnated in human form.
  • Extraterrestrial: Other sentient species throughout the galaxy.


Regardless of the question, the psychic, or the day, they all had predictable patterns.

The un-incarnated tended to focus on high-level, strategic issues, whereas incarnated entities were more focused on the tactical issues of how to deal with things.

We had a way of vetting these entities that was very productive.  At the end of every session, I would ask the entity through the psychic to give us a significant weather event 3 to 6 months out to verify them.

Every entity, whether incarnated or un-incarnated, gave us an event, and for the record, every event occurred exactly as predicted.

With extraterrestrials, we never found a verification method.  Still, these were simple channeling events because no matter the psychic, or the extraterrestrial entity, all of them were focused on the same issue.

They always told us that humanity is reaching a critical evolutionary point.  If we choose wisely, we will have a bright future, but if you are weak and choose unwisely for expediency or ease, you will condemn yourselves and countless generations to slavery.

In late 2008 the last interview in our study was with an extraterrestrial entity on the far side of the galaxy.  We had a delightful conversation, and I decided for the first time to ask a question I had in mind for some time.

I told the entity, “I really appreciate the information you are giving me today, but you are on the other side of the galaxy, and we shall never meet each other, so I must ask.  Why are you doing this?  What’s in it for you?”

The answer, as with Cpl. Harold Stark, leave me thunderstruck.

The extraterrestrials answer was, “Marshall, you have over 7 billion souls incarnated on your planet, yet, Earth has only 2 billion native souls.   The rest have incarnated on Earth at this time to help humankind prevail and evolve.  This is why we are interested, Marshall because you have our ancestors.”

To be frank, I did not know what to make of that at the time, and it would take me years to figure it out.

Consider this for those who wail and moan that Lucifer will win because God has forgotten us and cast us into this misery with no hope in sight.

Our hate-America resident warned us that America is “about to go into a dark winter.”

During the cold winter months of 2022, we’ll see mass graves and a flood of vaccine injuries and deaths.  This suffering cannot be stopped and shall be dark as preplanned food, and fuel shortages cause hardship, starvation, and death.

Thankfully the full scope of what the globalists planned has been disrupted such that the full measure of their intentions cannot be met, as there are just too many of us.

At the end of World War II, there were approximately 2.3 billion souls on the planet, which is consistent with what the extraterrestrial said about Earth having two billion native souls.

It wasn’t until the 1950s that we started this present-day massive increase in population.  Was that because science invented petroleum-based fertilizer, thereby launching the Green Revolution?

Or was this discovery engineered by the Creator as part of a grand plan to help humankind free itself once and for all from the parasitic and predatory evil forces who control this world by means of critical population mass?

Think about it, the Globalists and their eugenics programs are desperate to reduce the population because they know there are too many to manage, assuming we become wise to their deceit.

Consider this.  Where we were at 2.3 billion souls incarnated on Earth at the end of World War II, it would have been far more accessible for the Globalists to enslave us and cull us as they please.

With nearly 8 billion souls, many of us will fall.  Still, given that our numbers are the greatest in the history of humankind, the Globalists cannot succeed unless we participate in our own enslavement and murders.  This is a war of attrition, and humanity can absorb more losses than the Globalists can dish out.

Therefore, critical population mass is our greatest strength, and I believe we have this advantage because it is part of a divine plan.  However, with this realization, I found myself in a new dilemma.

In all of these millions of souls and this cosmic confrontation of good versus evil, how do we win against the technologically superior enemy?  And enemy with the weapons to destroy any number of people they choose?

That was when I really got depressed, and to be honest, dear reader, for a while, I was feeling like, given what is coming, if a bus hits me, maybe that’s not so bad.

Then I remembered, “winners never quit, and quitters never win.”

Once again, thank you, Harold.  I had to figure this out, but the problem was where to start.

Serapis Bey

I pondered this dilemma until one morning, I woke up with an idea to call the one woman who was my most gifted psychic.  She was in her early 40s with a lovely family in Canada.

She had an Iranian husband who adored her and supported her abilities, and she could do something that none of our other psychics could do.  She could bring in anyone.

Most of the psychics we worked with could bring in a small number of entities and usually preferred to work with one or two, but this woman’s talents were amazing, so I called her and explained my dilemma.

Ever-cheerful, she said, ‘let me put it out there and see who comes in.’ A minute later, she tells me, ‘I have Serapis Bey a former high priest of Atlantis and Ascended Master, with me, and he would be most helpful for this question as this is the question he always seeks to answer for seekers of truth such as yourself.’

I welcomed Serapis and explained my dilemma and my sadness, upon which he answered with an explanation that soothed my soul.

Here is what he said:

“Marshall, the story of humanity is a very large book of many chapters, most of which have yet to be written.  This present chapter you are in is the domain of those you called the elites.  They own it, and there is nothing you can do or say to take it from them.  Therefore do not waste your time attempting to do so.”

“But what they know and what you may not know is that this chapter, like all chapters and all books, will come to an end, and the end of this chapter is a few pages away.  The elites know that the next chapter is yours, not theirs, and if they are to take it from you, they must bluff you to do so.”

“To win your freedom and to weave all, you must do two things.  Ignore their bluff, and always reach for freedom.  Reach for your freedom, and it shall be yours.”  After that, we discussed it further and closed the session.

One thing I want to mention is that when you are in a dialogue across the veil, entities of light are always extremely specific in their choice of words.  Time and again over the years, I have had to go to a dictionary after reading to find a word that didn’t make sense to me, only to find it was the perfect word for what the Guide was expressing.

In this regard, my focus was on the word “reach:”

  • He did not say that we need to fight for our freedom.
  • He did not say that we need to hope for our freedom.
  • He did not say that we need to purchase our freedom.
  • He said, “always reach for freedom.”


In other words, humanity can win without artificial intelligence and other technologies and methodologies.  The way we win is that each of us reaches for our freedom, again and again, no matter the sacrifice.

I often pondered, wondering what “reach” really means.  Of course, there is that great line from the movie Outlaw Josey Wales (1976), a cult classic for Clint Eastwood fans.

Josey Wales: “Now remember, things look bad, and it looks like you’re not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean.  I mean plumb, mad-dog mean.  ’Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win.  That’s just the way it is.”

Consider the circumstances at this point in the movie.  They’re looking at the windows and can see the bad guys are ready to charge the homestead, but our circumstances today are dramatically different.  They’re coming for the whole frickin’ planet.

Ergo, this is a long slow fight that is about to come to a head.  A survival strategy of confrontation will only play into the hands of evil.

We must do this another way to capitalize on what God has prepared for us.

How We Win

If we are to reach for our freedom and gain it once and for all, we will not do so by charging the Globalist guns in the name of freedom.

God does not want patriotic martyrs.  God wants survivors capable of overcoming adversity and drawing closer to him.

Given their skills and background, there will be those who will fight the Globalists on a common battlefield, and to those light workers, our best wishes.

Given that this is an information war, there is no point in trying to pierce the fog so that we can see what others are doing.  This is not the way to win because we can never defeat the Globalists on their terms.

Ergo, we change the terms.  They do it to us all the time, so why not, but what does that look like?

Interestingly, earlier this year, one of my readers asked me to look into a series of videos produced by a group called the Guardians of the Looking Glass.

I produced two videos on that:

The Looking Glass Project at area 51 has been a topic bandied about on talk shows as long as I can remember, and like most, it just was another passing story for me.

However, after I finished my analysis of the first three videos of the original and authentic Guardians of the Looking Glass, I knew these people were the real deal and what they were saying was highly credible.  How is that?

I found a tell that someone of my particular background would recognize and appreciate.  In this regard, I am one of a small population of people who understand this, and it’s meaning.

In my videos, I say I intend to explain this tell in the future; however, I have changed my mind now that those original three videos were taken down by the hijackers and imposters who stole the YouTube channel from the authentic and original producers of the content.

I hope that we will see a return of the original, authentic, original Guardians of the Looking Glass because I know how to spot them.  If I reveal this tell, the current hijackers of the channel will adapt, and I will lose the advantage.

To these hijackers, I have only this to say.  You are made, so close the op and move off target.

However, for you, my readers, my message is this.

The first three videos that appeared and were subsequently taken down by imposters hijacking the channel were authentic.  I have them along with the transcripts. In the second video, we are given a vision of how to

Original, Authentic Guardians of the Looking Glass, Mar 17, 2022
The 2030 Singularity – Two Timelines, One Outcome

In the positive timeline, humanity, as whole, did not fight the system, they simply stopped participating in it entirely.

Each individual began to make a decision to reject negative habits, and the negative system in place, and instead began to make more positive choices in their lives.

An outcome of this positive timeline prediction is the ability of the forces of evil to exacerbate the death toll of the coming flyby Planet X system.  It will be dramatically less, resulting in a much lower death toll.

The Plan

When you hear white hats, Q and the anons say, “trust the plan,” they’re talking about their plan, and this battle is far from over.  Given that they know what that plan is and that we do not, this leaves us twisting in the breeze, so to speak.

Therefore, as the white hats work their mysterious plan, we who have neither their resources, skills nor ambitions must work another plan, as this is a battle of attrition that involves us all.

Thanks to God’s plan, we have a critical population mass, and while many will fall, there will always be those ready to carry the colors and reach for freedom.

This is the plan to trust; because reaching for our freedom is about participation.

We stop participating in the globalist system and instead participate with like-minded others.

  • We observe
  • We think
  • We talk, talk, talk…

This comes down to each of us and our freedom.  Take action by committing to reaching for your freedom daily and in every way, and never forget.

Winners never quit, and quitters never win.

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