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Cut to the Chase Archive: 2004 to 2015

yowusa.com/radioCut to the Chase with Marshall Masters first aired in 2004 and offers critical interviews with notable authors.


Sitchin's Anunnaki - Marshall Klarfeld, Nibiru Author, Producer and Historian

McQuate's Annunaki — The Inception of Man

McQuate's Annunaki: Ancient Cataclysms

McQuate's Annunaki — The Choice


Planning and Preparation

Highly Survivable, Low-Tech 2012 Arcosanti Structures — Arcologist Erin Jeffries

Post-2012 Survival Water Harvesting — Author, Brad Lancaster

Post-2012 High-Yield Victory Gardens — Author, John Jeavons

Quick Setup 2012 Survival Domes - Michael Maxon and Linda Schiller-Hanna

Surviving a Collapsed Power Grid — Green Energy Consultant, Dan Dean

Survival Breathing System — Master Roar Sheppard

Spiritual Survival Skills: Friend or Foe Auras with Author Susan Shumsky, DD

Spiritual Survival Skills: Chakra Energy and Clarity with Author Susan Shumsky, DD

Spiritual Survival Skills: The Still Small Voice Within with Author Susan Shumsky, DD

Using Your Inner Compass to Keep Your Rational Mind From Killing You – Survival Author Matthew Stein

Finding Your Survival Soul Mate with Matthew Stein, Author of When Technology Fails

How Our Global Power Grid Will Collapse and the Monsanto Plauges — Matthew Stein, Author



Jim Berkland, Former USGS Geologist Talks About Long Valley and Yellowstone

Quake Forecast — "This year looks unrelenting" Says Jim Berkland, Former USGS Geologist

Mine Owner and Radio Host, Robert Hopper Is the EPA a Shadow Government Enforcer?

Author Lloyd Pye — Surviving the Coming American Tsunami Disaster

Cody Lundin, Survival Instructor and Author — Earth Changes and Keeping Your Ass Alive

Co-operative Internet Banking Creator Kelvyn Alp -- Why Increasing Natural Disasters Will Cause Global Financial Systems to Fail

Survival Author Albert Bates — When Walmart Dies Like an Oil-Starved Canary in the Coal Mine, How Will We Survive?

The Ayahuasca Pole Shift Connection — Researcher and Author Robert Tindall

Harbinger Signs of Edgar Cayce's Pole Shift Predictions – 2012 Researcher, John DiNardo



Lloyd Pye Talks About the Starchild Project

Crop Circle Researcher Maurice Osborn to Create Crop Circle in England in August 2004 Using SCP Message

UFO Expert Stanton T. Friedman Have Extraterrestrials Quarantined Humanity in a Galactic Penal Colony?

Crop Circle Researcher Freddy Silva Shares Bold Insights on the 2001 Arecibo Reply and 2002 E.T. Formations

Crop Circle Researcher and Author Andy Thomas Sees Is E.T. Calling Collect?

Crop Circle Researcher Maurice Osborn  Attempting Contact with a Digitally Coded, Man-Made Crop Circle

The Alien Agenda and the Undisclosed Audiotapes of Betty and Barney Hill — Author Kathleen Marden

Contact Has Begun... But Why? — Director Michael Knight

Multigenerational Abductions — Author and Publisher Tom Horn, DD

The Guacamole Hits the Fan in 2010 — Blue Star Author, Miriam Delicado

UFO Researcher and Author, Maurice Osborn — Is Humanity Fated to Become a Perpetual ET Slave/Food/Bio-Source Species?

The 2008 Avebury Planet X and 2012 Crop Circle Ground Report — Award Winning Documentary Producer Patty Greer

The Who, What and Why of the Crop Circle Makers — Documentary Producer Suzanne Taylor

Pleiadian Predictions for 2010 and 2012 — Contactee and Author, Christine Day

The E.T. Agenda and the Shroud of Turin Connection — Authors, Nigel Kerner and Dr. Andrew Silverman

How-to Prevent an E.T. Abduction — Betty Hill's Niece and Author, Kathleen Marden



The Media and The Passion, with Radio News Veteran Dale Caruso

Egyptologist John Anthony West Reveals Age of the Sphinx and What May Be Under the Paw of the Sphinx

Wayne Green and Dale Caruso  Is David Booth's Vision the True 3rd Vision of Fatima?

The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse Author Patrick Heron — The "When" is Now!

How-To Validate Your Own Paranormal Experiences — Walking with Spirit Radio Host Monique Chapman

Kolbrin Bible Researcher Glenn Kimball — Why Jesus Studied and Taught this Prophetic Work and How He Influenced it

Author Frank Joseph — Using Synchronicity to Survive Catastrophe

Author Phyllis V. Schlemmer — The True Source of Gene Roddenberry's Inspiration

2012 Wormwood Author Dr. Jaysen Q. Rand — Are You a Planet X Heretic?

How Nobel Laureates Use Channeling to Contact the Spirit World - Author, John Chambers

Surviving 2012 as Earth Pilgrims — Planet X Author and Film Director, Echan Deravy

How to Use Jesus' Physics to Survive 2012 — Míceál Ledwith, Ph.D. of What The Bleep Do We Know!? and The Secret

The World After 2012 — 2013 Author, Marie D. Jones

Hopi End Time Prophecies — Researcher and Author, Gary A. David, M.A.

Coping with Economic Contractions — Talking to God Author, Susan Shumsky, DD

University Founder Christine Breese — Pole Shift Survival For Dummies

The 2012 - 11:11 Connection — 2013 Author, Marie D. Jones

Can Our Orthodoxies Survive 2012? — Roswell Movie Producer Paul Davids

Resonance Awareness as a Natural Survival Sense — Author Marie D. Jones

Indigo Children, Our 2012 Pathfinders — Author Caron B. Goode, EdD

Torah Code 2012, The Next Generation Bible Code - Film Producer, Richard Shaw

A Scientific Description of God and Our Purpose for Being - Author, Dr. Bernard Haisch

Coping with 2012 Anger and Violence — William von Holst

Using Fear as a Cataclysm Survival Tool — Author Michael Clarkson

Synethesia and Indigo Children — Author and Researcher Maureen Seaberg

Futurist Philip Coppens - Is Ascension in the Bag?

Survival Breathing System - Master Roar Sheppard

Danger Warnings from the Other Side — Carla Wills-Brandon, Family Therapist and Grief Expert


Mayan Calendar

Why You'll Find Mayan Anthropologist George Erikson in a Cave on December 21, 2012

Author Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D. — The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness in 2011

2012 Mayan Calendar Author Stephanie South —We're Living in Artificial Time

End Times Bible Prophecy vs. Mayan Prophecy — 2012 Author Alan Cornette

Is December 21, 2012 a Coincidental Date? — Maya Technologist, James O’Kon, P.E.


Planet X / Nibiru

Kolbrin Scholar Steve Russell The "Destroyer" is Coming Again

Solar Code Author Echan Deravy Planet X / Nibiru Will Be Here in 2012, and It Will Bring Death, Destruction and Evolution

Solar Code Author Echan Deravy  Planet X / Nibiru Is Remote Viewable Now

Mystic Prophet, Father Andrew C. Wingate  Predicts Major USA Terror Attack by February, and Planet X / Nibiru Flyby in 2012

2013 will be the Worst Year of the Planet X / Nibiru Flyby — Physicist Jacco van der Worp

Dark Star Author Andy Lloyd Planet X / Nibiru Orbits Sol's Companion and Threatens Us From Afar

Remote Viewing Instructor Echan Deravy Offers Reports on New Planet X / Nibiru Findings from Japan

Nancy Lieder of Zetatalk.com — Planet X / Nibiru in 2003 and Beyond

Nancy Lieder of Zetatalk.com — How the Meek Will Survive the Next Planet X Flyby

Dark Star Author Andy Lloyd — Astronomers Report New Kuiper Belt Evidence of Planet X / Nibiru

Beyond 2012 Author Geoff Stray — Ancient Mesoamerican Planet X Flyby Ceremonies

2012 Researcher and Author, Patrick Geryl — "Everything will be Completely Wiped Out in One Day"

Author Jerry Smith — HAARP as the Ultimate Planet X Psychosis Pacifier

Solar Code Author Echan Deravy — Why the Japanese Media is Airing 2012 and Planet X Programs

Atlantis Author Frank Joseph — The Destruction of Lemuria is Linked to the Ten Plagues of Exodus

Author Frank Joseph — Stories of Noah and the Flood Are Found Worldwide Because Noah was From Atlantis

Planet X Forecast for April 2007 to July 2014 with Jacco van der Worp and Echan Deravy

Apocalypse 2012 Author Lawrence Joseph — "We Are Facing Global Catastrophe in Ones, Not Tens, of Years"

Dark Star Author Andy Lloyd — We Live in a Binary Star System, Says US Government Whistleblower

Government Whistleblower "Henry Deacon" — NOAA Is Tracking Planet X

2012 Researcher and Author, Patrick Geryl — Pole Shift Harbinger Signs and Safe Areas

Author Greg Jenner — The Kolbrin Bible is the Rosetta Stone of Planet X

Author Philip Gardiner — Secret Societies and 2012

About the Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide — Co-authors Jacco van der Worp, MSc and Janice Manning

Those Who'll Survive 2012 and Those Who Will Not — Syndicated Radio Host, Rebecca Jernigan

Norwegian Politician Discloses Global Network of Deep Underground 2012 Survival Bases — Project Camelot Founders Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy

Author, Robert R. Hieronimus, Ph.D. — How the Founding Fathers Would Prepare Us for Planet X

NWO Georgia Guidestones and the 2008 Elections — 2012 Video Producer Jay Weidner

Planet X Flyby Video plus Recap of the Planet X Conference in Rome — Jacco van der Worp, MSc

The Big Six Man-Made Catastrophic Scenarios for 2012 and Beyond — Survival Author Matthew Stein and Jacco van der Worp MSc

Looking Ahead to 2010 and 2012 — Earth Pilgrims Director, Echan Deravy

Hercolubus the Red Planet and Gnostic Predictions for the Coming Planet X / Nibiru Flyby — Publisher and Researcher, Carles Esquerda

Planet X Where and When — Crop Circle Researcher and Radio Host Alan Steinfeld

Brace Yourselves — 2012 Author, Roar Sheppard

Why We Are the Last to Know — Planet X Researcher John DiNardo

Planet X Flyby Distance to Earth and Pole Shift — Carles Esquerda, Alcione Association

How Our Government Will Signal the Arrival of Planet X — Bob Fletcher, Investigator



Biocosm Author James Gardner Did God Create the Big Bang, or Did the Big Bang Create God?

Author Michael A. Cremo Modern Man is 2 Billion Years Old

Robotics Futurist Dan Kara  How Robots Will Heal Us, Feed Us and Kill Us

Lutec 1000 Inventor Lu Brits Tesla Energy Overunity Prototype Works for 3 Years; Affordable Production Models Soon

Physicist Jacco van der Worp Presents LUTEC 1000 Findings —  "It Works — They Pinned it Down!"

CHEAP ENERGY FOR SALE! — Lu Brits and Jacco van der Worp

Overunity Inventor Lu Brits — In Just One Year, The Brits Generator Could Reduce California's Oil Imports by 50%

Co-operative Internet Banking Creator Kelvyn Alp — Why Increasing Natural Disasters Will Cause Global Financial Systems to Fail

Futurist Jacque Fresco — His Vision of the Future Inspires Star Trek Creators

Post-2012 Land Navigation — Celtic Cross Inventor and Author, Crichton E. M. Miller

Hospice Care Physician, Dr. John Lerma — Insider Death Bed Confessions About Obama, Roswell, 2012 and Planet X

Moment of Death Intelligence (MODINT) — Neurosurgeon and Author, Dr. John L. Turner

Critical Edgar Cayce Pole Shift Signs - Authors, William Hutton and Jonathan Eagle

Using Déjà vu as a Catastrophe Survival Skill — Author Marie D. Jones

Global Shared Death Experiences as Evolutionary Triggers —Authors, Dr. Raymond Moody and Dr. John Turner

Is the Internet too Big to Fail? — Author Lamont Wood

Protecting Your Family From Nuclear Radiation Accidents —Radio Host, Scott Owen

A Home Remedy Defense for Bird Flu Plagues — Survival Author, Dr. Mark Sircus



Michael Horn — Billy Meier Warns of Catastrophic Impact Threat

Author Wayne Green Are the Catastrophic Visions of David Booth and Gordon Michael Scallion Nearly Upon Us?

Impact Threat Special Update with Wayne Green, Jacco van der Worp and Dale Caruso

Intelligent Design is the Other Half of Mars that Richard Hoagland Missed Altogether - Cydonia Codex Author George Haas

Lost Star Author Walter Cruttenden — Sol's Binary Twin Drives the Rise and Fall of Human Civilizations

Author Andy Lloyd — Massive New Search For Brown Dwarfs, Plus Genetic Proof That Sitchin is Right

Author and Nuclear Physicist Rick Firestone — Killer Supernovas and Human Evolution

Author Paul LaViollette, Ph.D. — Is the Mayan Calendar Based on Catastrophic, Galactic Superwave Cycles?

Author Paul LaViolette, Ph.D. — Pulsars are The Result of Intelligent Design

NEO Researcher and Author, E. P. Grondine — Man and Impact in the Americas

Apollo 14 Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell — Why Our Evolution is Important to All Sentient Life in the Cosmos

Big Increase in Disclosure Clamp Downs on 2012 and Planet X / Nibiru Informants — Project Camelot Founders Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy

What the Heck is Happening with Jupiter? — Author, J. Edward Carper and Ed Douglas



Author Robert Laird Life As We Know It Could Cease To Exist

Dr. Mitchell G. Bard Has Bush Dropped Us Into a Hopeless Muslim Morass?

Billy Meier Spokesman, Michael Horn The Henoch Prophecies Foretell Imminent Civil War, WMD Attacks and Deadly Natural Catastrophes

Radio News Report Dale Caruso Bush Will Win the Election, But Can Republicans Win the War?

Wayne Green and Dale Caruso Is America Risking It's Own Democracy in Iraq?

Iraq War Fighter Captain Rick: "Our Enemies are Using the (American) Media as a Tool Of War Against Us" 

Iraq War Fighter Captain Rick: "Is President Bush Writing Bigger Checks Than Our Military Can Cash?"

Is Tehran the Next Nagasaki? — WWII Vets Wayne Green and Robert Reiland, and Physicist Jacco van der Worp

Haifa Photojournalist Lenny Mas — Hizballahs's New Flesh Shredder Katyusha Terror Rockets

Weather Warfare Author Jerry Smith — Now That Bush's Plan Has Failed, Will Our New Way Forward Bring WWIII and WMD?

Author Frank Joseph and The Hunt for the Ark of the Covenant — a Biblical WMD

Why Iran and Israel Were Close Allies on the Day Jesus Was Born – Star of the Magi Author, Courtney Roberts M.A.

Why War with Iran Could Soon Become Inevitable — Ancient WMD Researcher, Joseph P. Farrell, Ph.D.

Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Disinformation — Propaganda Experts Philip Gardiner and Marshall Vian Summers

How Propaganda Kills Us Through the Illusion of Choice — Mind Programming Author Eldon Taylor

Could a Katla Eruption Trigger The Unthinkable? — Author, L. A. Marzulli

Is War with Iran Now Inevitable? — Authors L. A. Marzull and Robert Reiland

The Great Tribulation

Episode 1 - Why Israel Will Be the Last Nation Standing

Episode 2 - Pillar, Fire and Cloud

Episode 3 - He Goats and Scapegoats


Getting It and Getting Through It

Show No. 1 — Author, Mike Bara

Show No. 2 — Author and Healer, David Elliott

Show No. 3 — Edgar Cayce A.R.E. Lecturer, Linda Schiller-Hanna