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Cut to the Chase

Show #157
Marshall Masters
10-May-2014 [1:18:35]

Spiritual Survival Skills: Friend or Foe Auras with Author Susan Shumsky, DD

Spiritual Survival Skills: Friend or Foe Auras with Author Susan ShumskyWhen preparing for a global cataclysm, we all start by thinking about the obvious: beans, bunkers and bullets.

What most do not see is that not only will our bodies and minds will come under a whole new range of stresses, so will our spiritual selves.

We all have to deal current concerns such as psychic sponge syndrome, social programming, psychic vampires, astral entities and more.

In a cataclysm, we'll be confronted by these same concerns, but with one difference-they'll be exponentially worse. That's why we need to up-armor our spiritual selves and the first step is with auras, the ultimate spiritual friend or foe recognition system.

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To help us take the first big step, Susan Shumsky, DD author of The Power of Auras: Tap Into Your Energy Field For Clarity, Peace of Mind, and Well-Being, is going to help you with keen insights and powerful affirmations.

Also in this interview Marshall begins sharing what he's learning through his Survival Relocation Analysis efforts. A program he offers at no cost to Yowusa.com patrons.

He has learned is that the number-one impediment that stops those in awareness and on the spiritual path from busting a move. He calls them "spoiler spouses."

A minority of couples are fortunate enough to be in awareness together, however most of those in awareness find themselves at loggerheads with a spouse saying something, like "I don't want to know what you're talking about. I just want you to stop it right now, or I'll divorce you!" As a result, those in awareness must weigh the heavy cost of compromise.

Through his Survival Relocation Analysis efforts and personal experience, Marshall has learned how spouses in awareness are dealing with this, and he'll share all that with you in this program.

It's Time to Bust a Move

It's Time to Bust a MoveAs the signs of catastrophic Earth changes increase, so does public denial. But for those in awareness and living in harm's way, there are sleepless nights and anguished days because of an itch they cannot scratch.

The irrepressible urge to bust a move to safe ground, combined with the paralysis of self-doubt.

I know that agony all too well but I also knew the time had come to bust a move, and in February 2014, I relocated from Santa Cruz, CA to Reno, NV. In the process, things I expected to happen did. However, something I didn't expect to happen did and was a profoundly transformative learning experience. GO

Psychic Sponge Affirmation

I am in control;
I am one with God;
I am the only authority in my life;
I am divinely protected by the light of my being;
I close off my aura and body of light to the lower astral levels of mind and I open to the spiritual world;
Thank you God and so it is.

Psychic Vampire Affirmation

The light of God surrounds me;
The love of God enfolds me;
The power of God protects me;
The presence of God watches over me;
Where ever I am, God is, and all is well.

Demonic Entity Affirmation

Beloved one, you are unified with the truth of your being;
You are lifted in divine love;
You are forgiven of all guilt and shame;
You are healed and released from loss, pain, confusion and fear;
Divine love and light fill and surround you now;
Attachment to the earth no longer binds you;
You are free to go into the divine light now;
Go now in peace and love.