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Cut to the Chase

Show #154
Marshall Masters
1-February-2014 [1:06:00]

McQuate's AnnunakiAncient Cataclysms

McQuate's Annunaki — Ancient CataclysmsWhen you talk about Nibiru, you must at some point examine the cataclysms caused by previous flyby events.

So much so that the topics of Nibiru and the Annunaki are a twosome, like salt and pepper, peas and carrots, and death and taxes. Yet, much of the information about these two topics is obscure or suppressed.

That is why this second of three interview with Dr. Scott McQuate, author and publisher of The Tribulation Web Site, we will peel back layers of suppression to reveal new insights into these ancient cataclysms and learn why they are important to us today.

Heads up. Scott McQuate has a whole different take on the Annunaki as was clearly shown in our first interview with him.

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What makes that valuable is that assuming the Annunaki do return and tell us things about our origins that sweep away our own beliefs, we'll be groping about for new answers.

That is the real point of this series. McQuate offers an outside the box view that expands the whole topic in a very useful way, whether you agree with him or not.