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Cut to the Chase

Show #152
Marshall Masters
17-September-2013 [1:10:53]

Sitchin's AnunnakiMarshall Klarfeld, Nibiru Author, Producer and Historian

Sitchin's Anunnaki  Marshall Klarfeld, Nibiru Author, Producer and HistorianWe're seeing more two suns in the sky videos these days, but to what end?

Does the Planet X mini-constellation approaching the core of our system portend natural catastrophes plus unfriendly alien encounters alike? Could be.

This is because when the Annunaki return, it could be good news or bad news. Very, very, very bad news, that is, depending on who happens to be the current ruler of Nibiru.

The first of a series of interviews on the Anunnaki, this program offers a short and simple introduction to the topic with a focus on the events and key players who drove them and our future.

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According to Marshall Klarfeld, author of The ANUNNAKI Were Here!, we homo sapiens, were first created to mine gold as slaves and the ruling elites of Nibiru did it reluctantly.

They knew they were creating aberrations, but did so for the sake of necessity. Now, they could be coming back with a mind to bury a bad decision. It is why Marshall is in pre-production on documentary titled Disclosure.

A Cal Tech graduate engineer with a eye for science, Marshall studied under Zecharia Sitchin for a decade and has taken on the personal responsibility to continue his work and to defend it from attacks by religious debunkers.