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Cut to the Chase

Show #140
Marshall Masters
26-December-2011 [1:09:20]

Brace Yourselves — 2012 Author, Roar Sheppard

Brace Yourselves - 2012 Author, Roar SheppardOne of the most amazing aspects of 2012 prophecies, is that there are significantly fewer for subsequent years.

So what does that tell us? That 2012 will be a passing and amusing fad for the foolish at heart? Not likely.

This is because we are seeing a new connection between spiritual thinkers and 2012, and their warnings for the near future are just as ominous as those of the ancients. A warning with a simple conclusion for those with open minds: brace yourselves.

Why? Because the many warnings of 2012 now signal a coming year in which the "The die has been cast" (Alea iacta est), for those who are prepared to survive in service to others. And likewise, for those who subscribe to the service to self belief that ignorance is bliss.

This is the core message of Roar Sheppard, author of The Universe Speaks - the Love and Pain of 2012 to 2025. Now he is sharing this awareness with those who get it, and who want to get through it.

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