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Cut to the Chase

Show #139
Marshall Masters
8-November-2011 [1:17:33]

Is the Internet too Big to Fail? — Author Lamont Wood

Is the Internet too Big to Fail? - Author Lamont WoodA consistent theme in Hollywood movies about future global cataclysms, is that our technology completely crumbles away. We just slip into some incredibly twisted mad Max world, spinning down the drain.

Not so says futurist Lamont Wood, author of Out of Place in Time and Space: Inventions, Beliefs, and Artistic Anomalies That Were Impossibly Ahead of Their Time.

He sees a different reality for a post-historic world, following a global cataclysm. He sees the possiblity that technology and beliefs will continue appearing.

As before with gifted minds like Tesla, they will appear decades, if not centuries ahead of their time. There is hope.

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