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Cut to the Chase

Show #137
Marshall Masters
12-July-2011 [1:17:33]

Advanced Community Planning Series #5: Surviving a Collapsed Power Grid — Green Energy Consultant, Dan Dean

Surviving a Collapsed Power GridMainstream scientists and prestigious institutions such as The National Academy of Science warn us that the coming solar maximum of 2012/2013 could be catastrophic in scope.

What they fear is that a one or more solar storms could collapse our national power grid. Not for days or perhaps a week, but for months and certainly longer for poorer nations.

In that event, can a few flashlights and household candles see us through? Only if one assumes a temporary inconvenience, such as rolling brownouts or blackouts.

If it goes longer, the dangers multiple. For example, hospitals have enough diesel on hand for 3 days of emergency power. After that, energy-dependent, modern medicine as know it, is toasted and we're back to the elixir remedies of 100 years ago.

Not a cheery thought as a collapse of the power grids also means a loss of clean city water and waste treatment and the myriad of diseases and suffering that will bring. If you cannot afford a deluxe survival bunker (with hot top and wide screen TVs), welcome to the biggest club on Earth. Not that this has to mean that you're completely at the mercy of those who can.

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Those willing to invest a little time and money today, can spare themselves and their loved ones from all or a goodly portion of these dreadful consequences. Plus, be able to rebuild more quickly after the dust finally settled. That's Dan's message and it is one that could keep you going, through whatever

The president and chief engineer for Greeland Energy Dynamics of Dallas, Texas, Dan's company builds turnkey, off-the-grid power systems for homes and businesses. However, the biggest demand for their services today now comes from wealthy individuals, building self-contained underground survival bunkers, costing a million dollars on average.