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Cut to the Chase

Show #132
Marshall Masters
13-February-2011 [00:52:38]]

Coping with 2012 Anger and Violence William von Holst

YowRadio.comA big concern for those in awareness, is what happens the day the unaware – become violently aware. Or more to the point, how will those in awareness today, navigate this dangerous span of time? With this in mind, we ask, could the philosophy of The Jedi Order featured in then Star Wars films work here? Could it serve us as a viable personal tool, for coping with 2012 anger and violence?

Yes it can, says William von Holst, editor of Planetary Transformation by Imre Vallyon. He sees real benefits in the Jedi philosophy for all those intent on fighting for their lives, in the days to come. That by adopting the mindset of a 2012 Jedi Knight, we enchance our chances of living to see the backside of the tribulation, and beyond.

William is a cultural liaison and editor with a passion for finding common ground and teaches at a fusion mystery school in the San Francisco Bay area. His passion is to find new connections between Eastern and Western philosophies, relating to current times and Earth changes.

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