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Cut to the Chase

Show #124
Marshall Masters
26-July-2010 [01:09:24]

A Scientific Description of God and Our Purpose for Being — Author, Dr. Bernard Haisch

A Scientific Description of God and Our Purpose for Being — Author, Dr. Bernard HaischIn sociopolitical terms, the schism that has existed between science and theology for centuries can best be classified as the mother of all ugly divorces.

Worse yet, like children watching helplessly from the sidelines, a thorny question tasks us. Who do we want to live with, mom or dad?

On the other hand, maybe science and theology, like any deeply troubled couple can make an unbearable marriage work by finding that spark of magic that first brought them together. Perhaps such is the case now that physicists are grappling with one of the most intriguing theories in science today — string theory.

At present, string theory tells us there are 11 dimensions and while this possibility excites physicists, none have managed to photograph a subatomic string. In fact, to build a device that could actually do it is impossible at present.

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While someone could dream up such machine, there is simply not enough power on the planet to drive it. Consequently scientists and physicists taken with the notion of string theory, must do something all too common to theologians. They must accept a leap of faith.

A leap of faith is not the easiest thing for scientists, but a few are breaking ranks with their peers, to create their own scientific description of and our purpose for being. One such man is Dr. Bernard Haisch.

Bernard's background is impressive. A former deputy director of the Center for Extreme Ultraviolet Astrophysics at U.C.-Berkeley, he spent a decade as a scientific editor for the Astrophysical Journal.

Yet, his book, The Purpose-Guided Universe: Believing In Einstein, Darwin, and God has made him an outsider amonst his own peers. instead of denouncing the evils of religion, he uses science to go so far beyond the limitations of religion. Consequently, theologians will be just as eager to denounce him as his own peers.

In this interview, Bernard shares his ideas which challenge both scientists and theologians alike. Perhaps he's even got the right stuff to be the ultimate marriage counselor for mother of all ugly divorces. Either way, what he has to say will challenge your notion of all that there is and will ever be.

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