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Cut to the Chase

Show #122
Marshall Masters
17-June-2010 [01:20:16]

Critical Edgar Cayce Pole Shift Signs — Authors, William Hutton and Jonathan Eagle

Critical Edgar Cayce Pole Shift Signs — Authors, William Hutton and Jonathan Eagle When you Google the search term "edgar cayce pole shift" you'll see about 15,000 references as compared with "lady gaga" which weighs in at about 118,000,000. It makes sense in a sad way.

Still the same, those 15,000 Cayce references do offer up a vast and robust array of conjecture, regarding the pole shift predictions of the Sleeping Prophet. They cover a wide gambit from grumpy debunkers to whatever one can imagine, but then again, what about the science? The hard science!

Enter William Hutton and Jonathan Eagle. Authors of Earth's Catastrophic Past And Future: A Scientific Analysis Of Information Channeled By Edgar Cayce. Weighing in at 572 pages, this book clearly sets the bar in this genre. It offers those interested in a secular and scientific analysis of Cayce's pole shift predictions a solid body of work.

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In this interview, William Hutton, a geologist by profession, explains essential pole shift concepts along with the most critical Edgar Cayce Pole shift harbingers. Also, co-author Jonathan Eagle and webmaster of the huttoncommentaries.com web site explains the key indicators continuously monitored by their research team.