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Cut to the Chase

Show #118
Marshall Masters
22-March-2010 [01:13:40]

Pleiadian Predictions for 2010 and 2012 — Contactee and Author, Christine Day

Pleiadian Predictions for 2010 and 2012The topics of 2012 and Planet X / Nibiru are infused with a healthy discussion of extraterrestrial interest in coming Earth changes, and how these catastrophic events will factor into the evolution of the human species.

In this interview Christine Day, author of Pleiadian Initiations of Light: A Guide to Energetically Awaken You to the Pleiadian Prophecies for Healing and Resurrection, offers sobering predictions for 2010 and 2012.

Then for the first time ever, Marshall Masters will reveal another prediction. One that connects the dots between the 2010 prophecies of Christine Day and those of Cut to the Chase guest Miriam Delicado. A connection that points to a catastrophic event occurring later this year.

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