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Cut to the Chase

Show #116
Marshall Masters
19-January-2010 [01:10:32]

The Who, What and Why of the Crop Circle Makers — Documentary Producer Suzanne Taylor

The Who, What and Why of the Crop Circle Makers — Documentary Producer Suzanne TaylorImagine one day, you invite crop circle makers into your home for tasty treats and a friendly chat to see what makes them tick — and they actually show up! 

We're not talking about the egotists who stomp about all night with planks and ropes. 

Rather, we're talking about the honest crop circle makers.  Those who can imprint a complex formation the size of multiple soccer fields, within a matter of minutes.

We put the same question to award winning Crop Circle Documentary Producer Suzanne Taylor, who just happens to be a terrific cook as well.   In fact, when it comes to producing a crop circle video that really gives you the inside scoop on who is making these formations and why, this seasoned croppie can cook!  When you listen to this interview, you'll know why. 

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Genuine crop circle formations are laboratory tested and must show clear confirming forensic evidence such as irradiation and blown nodes.   Hoax formations never do.  A fact that is routinely omitted in the otherwise negative news stories pumped out by the media with the regularity of a stuck slot machine.

Most of the formations we see from year to year are there to help us continually a perceptive lexicon of harmonic concepts, communication methods, and messages.  Consequently, in 2001, we at yowusa.com started  researching and writing on their role as prophetic harbingers. 

We've seen numerous harbinger formations and as 2012 approaches, we're anticipating even more. Assuming these formations are being created by benign races with compassionate intentions on their part, understanding these messages is an imperative on our part. 

If this position resonates with you, now is the time to come up to speed on what is happening so that you can look for harbinger formations with information that could very well help you to survive the difficult years ahead.