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Cut to the Chase

Show #112
Marshall Masters
04-November-2009 [1:25:15]

How Propaganda Kills Us Through the Illusion of Choice — Mind Programming Author Eldon Taylor

How Propaganda Kills Us Through the Illusion of Choice — Mind Programming Author Eldon TayloA direct consequence of Sony's new 2012 film, is a rapidly escalating knowledge war over the topics of 2012, Planet X (Nibiru) and catastrophic Earth changes.

In this battle for the mind, we find two powerful forces set against each other. One is a natural viral human awareness that is moving towards a point of critical mass.

On the other, the escalating efforts of elites to derail that very process for they know the truth of it.  If we reach critical mass, they lose. Game over.

At the crux of this high stakes duel, is the malevolent science of propaganda, disinformation and misinformation. One man who understands how it all works is Eldon Taylor

In his popular new book, Mind Programming: From Persuasion and Brainwashing, to Self-Help and Practical Metaphysics he reveals the inner secrets used by elites, to turn us into desensitized consumption minions, as opposed to us being free to discern and rationally analyze the real world about us.

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If shopping in the mall is the height of your day, this interview could be the most uncomfortable experience of your life. This is because Eldon strips away the blinders and leaves you with an inkling of what has been done to you —and it's not pretty.

Should you believe that you are helpless before this mighty power, then know this.  You’ve recklessly abdicated your birthright to a free mind, which is always yours to claim.  Conversely, if you treasure your birthright, take heart. 

Eldon offers a simple and straightforward way to strip away the veil of elitist propaganda, disinformation and misinformation that masks the reality of our lives, and all that we are capable of doing.

Also in this groundbreaking interview Marshall reveals insider information as to what people are actually thinking about Planet X. and 2012 these days, given the dramatic rise in interest due to the forthcoming release of Sony's 2012 film.  If you’ve been wondering if you’re alone or part of a growing trend, you’ll be delighted by what he has to say.