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Cut to the Chase

Show #111
Marshall Masters
03-October-2009 [1:06:40]

End Times Bible Prophecy vs. Mayan Prophecy — 2012 Author Alan Cornette

End Times Bible Prophecy vs. Mayan Prophecy — 2012 Author Alan Cornette For thousands of years Bible prophecy and Mayan prophecy have slowly been converging upon the same point in time, yet from two completely different paradigms.  Both profess an end to life as we presently know it, yet the manner in which the new age comes to be is dramatically different between the two. So, can only one of them be right?

Here is where author Alan Cornett brings a fresh new pair of eyes to the topic with his book, Seven Mountains and the Red Star Crossing the Dark Void in 2012.  He has uncovered ancient connections between the Maya, and travelers from far off China and Africa. What he has come to realize, is that the Maya were but the last to understand and use an ancient wisdom, centuries older than their own civilization.

Most authors on Mayan prophecy, have their roots in academia.  Allen on the other hand, is a country gentleman and what makes his book incredibly genuine, are his many years of boots on the ground experience with the Mayan prophecy and history.

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He lives in a part of America where it is  common to drive down the road, passing one 50-foot high cross after another, each proclaiming the same message, “Jesus died for your sins.”  Admittedly not the most fertile ground for “heretical” secular thinkers such as Alan.  Yet, Alan brings into balance these secular and fundamentalist views of the same human event.   The result is an evenhanded comparison of end Times Bible prophecy versus Mayan prophecy for 2012 in this interview.