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Cut to the Chase

Show #110
Marshall Masters
22-September-2009 [1:06:40]

2012 Mayan Calendar Author Stephanie South — We're Living in Artificial Time

2012 Mayan Calendar Author Stephanie South —We're Living in Artificial TimeIn true Hollywood fashion, Sony is releasing its forthcoming film 2012, on an ominous date this November. Friday the 13th. We have received numerous e-mails about this film and the trailer which begins with the Mayan calendar.

From what we’ve seen of the various trailers for 2012, the film will present an Edgar Casey pole shift scenario. However what we do not see, is the more profound message of the Mayan calendar.

To help us move beyond the hype of Hollywood, author Stephanie South will explain  why we are now living in an artificial time that drawing to a close. In her book 2012: Biography of a Time Traveler: The Journey of Jose Arguelles, Stephanie offers a brilliant biography of the man most responsible for impressing the concept of the Mayan calendar upon the consciousness of Western thinkers.

For us at yowusa.com, December 21, 2012 is a convergence date. Future generations will look back upon it as a turning point, no differently than the way we recall the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 and 9-11.  For us in the meantime, will 2012 be highlight moment and nothing more?  Imagine those interminably long, flat, Oklahoma turnpikes.

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On a human scale, will December 21, 2012 be a moment in time no different from that Stuckey's restaurant on the turnpike, where we took a rest break from the monotony of the road, to enjoy a memorable pecan milkshake?  That’s not how Stephanie South and the other authors we've interviewed on the Mayan calendar see it.  For them, the Stuckey's restaurant analogy just doesn't get it.

Therefore this interview with Stephanie will now become part three of a four-part series of Cut to the Chase interview on the Mayan calendar. Part one was our 2005 interview with George Erikson.  Part two is with Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D. on 2011.  The fourth  interview in this series to follow this, will be with Alan Cornett, author of the Seven Mountains and the Red Star, Crossing the Dark Void in 2012.