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Cut to the Chase

Show #109
Marshall Masters
04-September-2009 [1:19:07]

Moment of Death Intelligence (MODINT) — Neurosurgeon and Author, Dr. John L. Turner

Moment of Death Intelligence (MODINT) — Neurosurgeon and Author, Dr. John L. TurnerWhen we lose a loved one today, we often expect it yet still treat the loss as an unexpected tragedy. However, in a global catastrohe, death and dying will be expected part of everyday part of life. One that can eventually inundate the senses with numbness and indifference.On the other hand, we can, if we wish, use these events to find safe havens.

In this interview, Hawaiian Neurosurgeon, Dr. John L. Turner, offers proof that supports host Marshall Masters's concept of Moment of Death Intelligence (MODINT). A way for the dying to impart vital survival information to their loved ones as they pass through the veil, through a 2-way spiritual communication process.

The author of Medicine, Miracles, and Manifestations: A Doctor's Journey Through the Worlds of Divine Intervention, Near-Death Experiences, and Universal Energy, he has actually proven that MODINT is possible and much more, with the help of remote viewing expert, Ed Dames.

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Dr. Turner's book and groundbreaking search efforts are gaining notable attention, and he is currently involved in two major film projects. Quantum Wisdom with director Nick Mendoza, former Cut to the Chase guest Dr. John Lerma, Anne and Whitley Strieber, Dr. Eldon Taylor and others. Plus he's working on Spirit!with Viv Somers.

Imagine for a moment that as a loved one crosses over, he or she can communicate vital messages to you, such as "there is a danger to the West, go to the North by Northeast." Likewise, imagine that you can share vital messages with them as well, such as "go to the light."