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Cut to the Chase

Show #107
Marshall Masters
31-July-2009 [1:11:32]

Can Our Orthodoxies Survive 2012? — Roswell Movie Producer Paul Davids

Can Our Orthodoxies Survive 2012? Religious, political, social and scientific orthodoxies make the world go round. They are the ...ologies and ...isms that keep the machine of Western civilization grinding along.

Yet, when we utter the phrase "the end of life as we know it," what we're actually saying is that most of these beloved orthodoxies can and will suddenly fail us.

It is easy to balk at that notion that our religious and political beliefs could suddenly become passe and irrelevant. Nonetheless, during the uncertain times of a global cataclysm, how we react to that change will become far more than a matter of life and death. It could mean lives filled with misery and violent deaths in a global cataclysm, as those who balk today, envy the dead in a new world reality.

How we cope with such massive changes shall be of paramount to our individual survival and not only in terms of preparing ourselves for such an eventuality. Rather, it will be how do we deal with those who could not, would not and never could? Most will be numb and helpless, but the violent ones will become the real concern. Learning to spot them in the midst of a crisis is risky at best. A better way to handle this is to learn how to profile them today.

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To help us do that very thing, movie producer Paul Davids offers invaluable insights into the three principal behavior warning signs we need to help us avoid those who turn to violence in the wake of self-imploding orthodoxies. The producer of Roswell: The U.F.O. Cover-Up (1994), Timothy Leary's Dead (1997) and Jesus in India (2007), Paul is no stranger to violent orthodoxies.

In this interview, Paul will show you the three simple things you need to know, in order to profile violence-prone candidates today, so that you can give them wide berth in 2012.