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Cut to the Chase

Show #104
Marshall Masters
02-May-2009 [1:06:46]

UFO Researcher and Author, Maurice Osborn — Is Humanity Fated to Become a Perpetual ET Slave/Food/Bio-Source Species?

Is Humanity Fated to Become a Perpetual ET Slave/Food/Bio-Source Species?We constantly debate the possibility of UFOs and extraterrestrials but to paraphrase that famous line from film A Few Good Men, “can we handle the truth?” That question and a fundamental love for humanity is what fuels, the steadfast dedication of UFO and crop circle researcher Maurice Osborn.  What his years of research have shown him is that humanity does have benevolent ET friends, but there are enemies as well.  Terrible ones too!

Author, researcher and lecturer, Maurice Osborn has a long and noble history with Yowusa.com and in 2003, helped Marshall Masters to found The Sagan Continuation Project: Sending Contact Messages via the Internet for Free. 

In those early days, Maurice’s view of the topic was filled with noble hope and enthusiasm.  However, what he’s learned since those early days is that unless humanity wakes up, and soon, we’ll be condemned to a terrible fate.  While we’re busy asking the “where’s the beef” question about UFOs and extraterrestrials, there are races, who according to Maurice know where the beef really is – and we’re it!

If we remain docile and fail to take action, countless generations to come will be enslaved by predatory races. Only until our world has been fully raped and pillaged, will we be left in peace.  That is, if we’re still here.

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Maurice has gained this knowledge in two ways.  The first is the traditional path, that being the intensive studies of available literature and newly released government documents. The second is more startling, because for the very first time, Maurice will discuss two personal contact events in a public forum. 

Both contact events occurred at the same UFO convention in Laughlin, Nevada in two different years.  One was a positive encounter with benevolent race and the other was an abduction in which an alien device was implanted in his head.  So, if you can handle the truth, Maurice delivers it this groundbreaking interview.