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Cut to the Chase

Show #101
Marshall Masters
20-March-2009 [1:04:57]

Advanced Community Planning Series #1: Highly Survivable, Low-Tech 2012 Arcosanti Structures — Arcologist Erin Jeffries

Highly Survivable, Low-Tech 2012 Arcosanti StructuresArcologist Erin Jeffries of Arcosanti, Arizona introduces the city's novel approach to constructing dwellings and communities. One so perfectly suited to the needs of a post-2012 world, it forms the cornerstone of the Advanced Community Planning (ACP) Series by Marshall Masters. 

Follow-on ACP interviews will feature related survival topics, such as water harvesting, high-yield survival farming and much more.

Located Northwest of Phoenix, Arizona, the city of Arcosanti is the brainchild of Paolo Soleri, a world-renowned Italian architect. Simply put, his arcology approach offers us a proven way to plan and build post-2012 communities to sustain and nurture, successful survival communities.  What does Arcosanti look like? In appearance, it is surprisingly similar to Luke Skywalker’s farmhouse on Tatooine.

In Stars Wars IV: A New Hope (1977), the subterranean home of these moisture farmers from the desert planet Tatooine was ideally suited to the planet's harsh and arid climate. Consequently, many wondered if a similar architecture could work here on Earth. Yet, little did they know, it was, and very well at that. When Star Wars debuted in 1977, construction of a real life, Tatooine-like city in a remote Arizonan desert was well underway.

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Located in central Arizona, the city of Arcosanti is the brainchild of Paolo Soleri, a world-renowned Italian architect. It is called Arcosanti and like the Tatooine farmhouse, it uses an ecology integrated construction design. For those interested in post-2012 reconstruction, it offers a working and growing model of immediate, practical and doable post-catastrophic reconstruction solutions.

Learn More About Arcosanti

Of the many virtues of arcology, those most relevant to post-2012 reconstruction include simple construction methods, use of naturally available materials required and minimal ongoing maintenance.

These structures are extremely durable and can offer survivors the comfort and shelter they'll want and need as the planet heals.

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