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Cut to the Chase

Show #100
Marshall Masters
07-March-2009 [0:57:23]

Planet X Flyby Video plus Recap of the Planet X Conference in Rome — Jacco van der Worp, MSc

Jacco van der Worp, MScFebruary 2009 was a watershed month for the founders of Yowusa.com. Jacco van der Worp, MSc was a featured presenter at the first Planet X Conference in Rome, Italy. In fact, the first Planet X Conference ever!

That same month, Jacco along with Yowuisa.com co-founders Marshall Masters and Janice Manning released the long-awaited Planet X / Nibiru 2012 Flyby Scenarios - February 2009 Report on YouTube.com.

This interview will be a special treat for Yowusa.com subscribers and supporters because Marshall and Jacco discuss the back-story behind Yowusa.com's most recent, and very popular video and recap Jacco's presentation at the conference in Rome.

A common question often posed by email to the site is: “How can I help?”  During the show, Marshall reveals the one little thing anyone can do in a few minutes. Yes, you can make a huge difference, without ever spending a cent.  Best yet, a one-time effort can help the many who are now finding their way to this vital topic during the months and years to come.

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Planet X Conference in Rome, Italy (2009)

From Left to Right: Maurizio Baiata, Journalistl; Jacco van der Worp, Physicist; Selene, interpretor; Andy Lloyd, Dark Star Author; Pablo Ayo, Researcher. Photo Courtesy of www.segnidalcielo.it

Marshall describes a unique spread the word effort now being launched by Doug DeWhite, the Canadian host of The Alien Agenda radio show.  It is a perfect idea for those interested in the possibility of supplementing their personal income by building an informal network of local, Planet X amateur researchers.  And no, it’s not multi-level. Rather, it is such a simple “slap your forehead” idea that you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it, yourself.