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Cut to the Chase

Show #99
Marshall Masters
22-February-2009 [1:20:33]

University Founder Christine Breese — Pole Shift Survival For Dummies

University Founder Christine Breese - Pole Shift Survival for DummiesThere is a growing sense of change for our world as well as the destiny of humankind. One that places us upon the threshold of turning point in our history, and the media will report it with catchy titles, such as the Edgar Cayce pole shift or the tribulation of 2012.

That is, assuming the media can still communicate at the moment when we all find ourselves standing in some rather deep historical yogurt. While that is certainly troubling news for some, the truth be known, the media will be irrelevant to the real communication event to come.

The real communication event will be at the individual level. Those of us with the spiritual wherewithal to endure the coming tribulation will find themselves in a profound state of oneness. A perfect communication mode where you are part of the whole, and as such, can intuit where dangers lurk and where safety awaits.

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Opening this communication channel is so simple you do not even need to buy a pricey guru book, or take an expensive seminar. In fact, there are three things you can begin doing now that will greatly ensure your survival in the coming tribulation, and Christine Breese, Founder and Director, The University of Metaphysical Sciences shares them with you in this powerful interview.