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Cut to the Chase

Show #98
Marshall Masters
Part A [0:45:13]
Part B [0:41:57]

The Guacamole Hits the Fan in 2010 — Blue Star Author, Miriam Delicado

The Guacamole Hits the Fan in 2010 — Blue Star Author, Miriam DelicadoAs we enter 2009, forget the global economic bruising of 2008, and what you’ve lost.  We've got bigger worries ahead, says Blue Star: Fulfilling Prophecy author Miriam Delicado because 2010 will be even worse.  Naturally, this kind of shocking prediction raises a thorny question; will the guacamole hit the fan in 2010, or in 2012 as everyone expects? 

According to Delicado, an E.T. physical experience contactee, the coming natural cataclysms in 2010 will be so sudden and severe that life as we know it will cease to exist.  From that point on, 2012 and the years beyond will simply be a series of speed bumps on the grinding road of global cataclysm. 

With a prediction like this, is Delicado offering a hopeless reality?  No.  Rather, she is in it for the species and this is why she has devoted much of her adult life to bringing a message of hope and personal empowerment to all those willing to listen.  Her solutions are simple and require little or no money.  All you need is the presence of mind to become informed and enough self-belief to take action – now! 

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In this powerful, 2-part interview, host Marshall Masters and Miriam discuss these survival strategies at practical, nuts-and-bolts level and the bottom line is this: be prepared and where you need to be by 2010.  Consequently, her message for 2009 is urgent.  This is our last year when we all have the luxury of time so do not squander it on indecision.