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Cut to the Chase

Show #96
Marshall Masters
13-November-2008 [0:59:04]

The Ayahuasca Pole Shift Connection — Researcher and Author Robert Tindall

The Ayuaska Pole Shift Connection — Researcher and Author Robert TindallWe wonder what it would be like to survive the worst of a post-2012 Pole Shift: that moment when we cross the cusp from one time space continuum to the next.  Host Marshall Masters believes it will essentially be shamanic experience and here is where the study of Ayahuasca gives his research an invaluable reference point. 

While there are many books written about this natural Brazilian hallucinogenic vine, The Jaguar that Roams the Mind: An Amazonian Plant Spirit Odyssey by Robert Tindall gives us puts you in the heart of the Ayahuasca culture in Brazil.

With a captivating writing style, Tindall shares his experiences in a non-judgmental way.  In doing so, he offers a very believable vision of a post-2012 Pole Shift experience and how to cope with it.  It was not what he set out to do, but his book is an existential codex of answers for dedicated pole shift researchers. 

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