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Cut to the Chase

Show #94
Marshall Masters
04-October-2008 [01:10:19]

Post-2012 Land Navigation — Celtic Cross Inventor and Author, Crichton E. M. Miller

Post-2012 Land NavigationAsk indigenous Peoples such as the Hopi about the coming global cataclysm and their answers will be certain and unequivocal.  Their folklore documents previous global cataclysms and compels them to prepare for the next. 

Most who lack this folklore (because they are deprived of it, or choose to ignore it), are so caught up in inertia of validation, they cannot see beyond the looming event itself.  However, a few can see beyond and the need to plan for the continuation of life afterwards.  One such man is Crichton Edward McGregor Miller, inventor of the Celtic Cross.

Often mistaken for a Christian symbol, the history of the Celtic Cross predates Christianity by thousands of years.  In post-2012 world, it will give the common man the same powerful knowledge that enabled the creation of ruling dynasties in ancient times.  This is because it is really a basic, non-electronic, hand-made device for measuring time and seasons, land and sea navigation, and much more. 

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To prevent ruling elites from controlling this ancient technology in a post-2012 world, Crichton Miller invented the first working model of a Celtic Cross and patented it, so that he could freely share it with the world.   Complete plans for making a Celtic Cross in any home workshop are included in his book, The Golden Thread of Time, along with detailed instructions on how to use this incredibly effective device. 

If you want to help yourself, your children and your children’s children to build a compassionate and more enlightened post-2012 world, you’ll truly enjoy this inspiring interview.  


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