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Cut to the Chase

Show #93
Marshall Masters
16-September-2008 [01:05:15]

Hopi End Time Prophecies — Researcher and Author, Gary A. David, M.A.

Hopi End Time Prophecies — Researcher and Author, Gary A. David, M.A.The difference between ancient indigenous cultures like the Hopi of Arizona and Western cultures is a proven history of surviving global cataclysms. To date, the Hopi have survived the past three and they're busy preparing for the fourth, which they believe to be imminent.

According to Gary A. David, M.A., author of Eye of the Phoenix: Mysterious Visions and Anomalies in the American Southwest and publisher of the Orion Zone web site, the harbinger signs have come.

The Hopi are preparing for the end of this epoch when their ceremonial dances end, as will our industrialized, consumer societies.

Are the warnings of the Hopi falling on deaf ears? Yes, but mostly those preoccupied with greed. In fact, a growing minority is becoming aware that our existence requires a Hopi-like, service to others response. An excellent example can be seen in the 2007 film, The 11th Hour by Leonardo DiCaprio. In that film, Mikhail Gorbachev hits the nail on the head when he tells us that industrialized societies are ignoring the harbinger signs because of our own "inertia."

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What the Hopi are telling us is that our civilizations will perish for this and many of the other same reasons offered in this film. When you listen to this interview and then watch this film, the magnitude of our industrialized inertia becomes painfully clear. However, what you can do as an individual is cause for hope.