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Cut to the Chase

Show #89
Marshall Masters
12-June-2008 [1:15:10]

How to Use Jesus' Physics to Survive 2012 — Míceál Ledwith, Ph.D. of What The Bleep Do We Know!? and The Secret

How to Use Jesus' Physics to Survive 2012 Author Míceál Ledwith, Ph.D. served as a Professor of Systematic Theology for sixteen years at Maynooth College in Ireland and another ten years as President of the University.  At face value, we’d expect the stoic, predictable “official” view of Jesus from someone with these kinds of credentials.  Yet, he’s a happy heretic, and he's telling us that what Jesus actually taught has nothing to do with the dogma we’re getting today.  In fact, he believes that present day theology a nothing more than a self-defeating Hamburger Universe. 

Before you get your neck hairs up, count to ten and open your mind, because what this happy heretic has to say could very well save your life in 2012.  Why?  Because he’ll show you how the true teachings of Jesus more closely paralleled the Heisenberg uncertainty principle than the politically-motivated theology handed down to us by the Council of Nicaea.

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Ask Quantum Physicists about the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, and you’ll wish you hadn't had that second cup of coffee.  Yet, if you boil it down in layman's terms, this principle tells us that when we carefully observe something, the very act of observing it changes it in some way.  What is equally simple is how easy it is for each of us to use this principle to survive 2012, and The Orb Project co-athor Míceál Ledwith, Ph.D. will tell you how in this interview.

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