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Cut to the Chase

Show #88
Marshall Masters
16-May-2008 [1:14:32]

Surviving 2012 as Earth Pilgrims — Planet X Author and Film Director, Echan Deravy

Planet X Author and Film Director, Echan Deravy Given the recent disasters in Myanmar and China and the accompanying loss of life on a Biblical scale, Planet X and 2012 are no longer entertainment topics. As we look at the colorful TV graphics proclaiming losses in the hundreds and thousands of lives, we can only wonder when our turn will come. Likewise, we know or suspect that only a select few will possess what Marshall Masters calls the golden Wonka tickets to a global network of underground and undersea government survival arks. So then, what happens to the rest of us?

This is why director Echan Deravy is bringing forth Earth Pilgrims, a 5-part cinematic message to the world. Unlike the pop culture edicts of untested New Age theories, his take on Planet X and 2012 is based on proven, Old Age wisdom. Noble paradigms that helped our ancient forefathers survive similar cataclysms in the past through love and a paradigm of service to others — and this message is arriving just in time.

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In The Kolbrin Bible, the ancient Egyptians warn of Planet X (what they called the Destroyer) and in Manuscripts 3:9 tell us, " Then, men will be ill at ease in their hearts; they will seek they know not what, and uncertainty and doubt will trouble them. They will possess great riches but be poor in spirit. Then will the Heavens tremble and the Earth move..."

The reason for all this uncertainly and doubt is that, no matter how great our technology or how deeply buried our bunkers are, they can only mitigate our fears. Try as we may, even this diminished levels of fear will plague the fortunate with a perceptible threshold of doubts and fears, that will eventually spill over into sheer terror.

For those of us left to fend for ourselves, fear will be the knife's edge of death. That is why Echan's message is of such vital importance. The ancient wisdom he presents shows a world hungry for inner peace how to master our fears as we walk the Earth through these coming 2012 tribulations.