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Cut to the Chase

Show #86
Marshall Masters
05-April-2008 [1:09:11]

Big Increase in Disclosure Clamp-Downs on 2012 and Planet X / Nibiru Informants — Project Camelot Founders Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy

Disclosure Clamp Downs on 2012 and Planet X / Nibiru InformantsAn increasing number of 2012 and Planet X / Nibiru disclosures is now causing governments to ratchet up their disinformation operations in what is clearly a damage control effort. Disinformation operatives have targeted two research groups doing similar disclosure reporting: Yowusa.com and ProjectCamelot.org. They, their informants and close correspondents are coming under progressively heavier levels of pressure to silence them.

For the informants, this is a torturous process, because with the future looming closer by the day, many find themselves in a terrible dilemma. On one hand, they are bound by highly punitive non-disclosure agreements, and breaking those agreements can have consequences for both them and their families. On the other hand, knowing what they know, they are now forced to decide between losing their own security and losing themselves.

In this groundbreaking interview with Project Camelot founders Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy, you will get a chance to hear what is happening behind the scenes and how these ongoing clamp-downs will impact you.

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