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Cut to the Chase

Show #85
Marshall Masters
13-March-2008 [1:09:11]

2012 Wormwood Author Dr. Jaysen Q. Rand — Are You a Planet X Heretic?

SPECIAL NOTE: During this program, Marshall offers an insider view of the NibiruShock2012 Planet X image disclosure videos now appearing on YouTube.

Are You a Planet X Heretic?Two leading Planet X researchers and authors, Dr. Jaysen Q. Rand and Marshall Masters discuss the thorny problem of heresy. This is a situation that the newly-aware often find themselves in with clergy, friends and family. Those that suffer the worst of it typically come from a Christian denomination. These are the unfortunates who unexpectedly find themselves torn between their instincts and their beliefs.

As a devout Christian, Dr. Rand soundly rejects the orthodox position that the study of Planet X is a heretical path leading away from God. Rather, he views it as being the other way around. This is due to the transformative nature of the awareness process, itself. Planet X awareness is a multi-stage process. At first, we ignore it, but then something triggers our attention. This is when the blinders fly off our faces, and we ask ourselves, "Am I nuts?"

At that very moment, our minds fill with a million questions, and this is where Dr. Jaysen Q. Rand can be a big help. His starter book, The Return of Planet-X: Wormwood delivers the million answers you need to get past that initial knee-jerk, skeptical self-doubt. After that, you 'get it,' or you 'don't.' If you 'get it,' you you'll want to get through it, and that's where Marshall's book, Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide comes in. It's the one you'll be sure to stuff in your survival pack.

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Though both of these authors speak to very different audiences in their respective books, they both see the same lonely, newly-aware people out there. Likewise, the manner in which the newly-aware are being unfairly ostracized as Planet X heretics pains them both. Not only do their religious leaders ostracize the newly-aware from within their religious communities, but the people in their personal support networks do, as well.

If you are such a person or know of someone in this predicament, take heart. In this groundbreaking interview, Dr. Rand offers a fresh and inspiring view of Planet X from a uniquely Christian perspective.

SPECIAL NOTE: Marshall also offers a behind-the-scenes view of the Planet X image disclosure videos now appearing on YouTube.