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Cut to the Chase

Show #84
Marshall Masters
16-February-2008 [1:08:06]

Apollo 14 Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell — Why Our Evolution is Important to All Sentient Life in the Cosmos

Apollo 14 Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell — Why Our Evolution is Important to All Sentient Life in the CosmosOn February 5, 1971, Dr. Edgar Mitchell expertly piloted the Apollo 14, Antares Lunar Lander to safe landing on Fra Mauro.  The sixth man to set foot on the moon, he later returned to Earth to find himself at the center of a nasty media feeding frenzy. 

It had been spawned by the innocent revelation of an associate, that he had conducted private ESP research during his own personal time periods.  However, neither walking on the moon, nor conducting groundbreaking ESP research would prove to be transformative events for Dr. Mitchell. 

Rather, it was an unexpected event that occurred during the quieter moments of Apollo 14's otherwise uneventful return to Earth.  It was so profound, that it led him to realize that the "...traditional answers to the questions; 'Who are we?' and 'How did we get here?' as derived both by science and religious cosmologies are incomplete, archaic, and flawed." 

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What happened during his return trip to Earth was in a sense pure serendipity; Dr. Mitchell had tapped into the source of consciousness in a way, commonly practiced by the ancients.  In doing so, he accessed our oneness with the cosmos and intuited why human evolution is our most pressing responsibility.

In this groundbreaking interview, he explains how this epiphany would forever alter the course of his life and why our coming evolution is our biggest imperative.  It is because we are connected to all sentient life in the cosmos.