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Cut to the Chase

Show #82
Marshall Masters
08-January-2008 [1:08:59]

Why War with Iran Could Soon Become Inevitable — Ancient WMD Researcher, Joseph P. Farrell, Ph.D.

War with IranLast Sunday, Iran rattled its sabers in the tight confines of the Strait of Hormuz, the narrow outlet upon which much of the world's crude oil depends.  During that engagement, US Navy vessels came within a minute of opening fire on 5 IRGC speedboats.  Given the fact that this happened on the eve of President George W. Bush’s Middle East tour, it is a troubling harbinger to say the least, especially since it closely follows the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto on December 27, 2007.

A popular opposition leader, Bhutto's democratic ideals brought the hope of a growing peace movement in Pakistan (a nuclear state) and then on to the greater Middle East.  Unfortunately, this new hope may have died with her, as well.  She was a prominent world figure, and now, many wonder if her death could bring the same consequences as the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria did. On June 28, 1914 he was assassinated along with his wife in Sarajevo, and their deaths struck a match to a volatile mix of arms, nationalism and alliances that triggered World War I. 

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Could we have turned a similar corner with Iran? If so, are the antagonisms of 5 IRGC speedboats really enough to trigger a war?  Or is there a different threat, a transcendent threat that terrifies world leaders?

According to Physicist Joseph Farrell, author of The Cosmic War: Interplanetary Warfare, Modern Physics and Ancient Texts there is a high likelihood that such a terrible reason does exist.  His research into the secret weapons programs of the Nazis and ancient civilizations shows a disturbing link to the present and the equally disturbing reality that Iran could be seeking ancient WMD's that could be more powerful than nuclear weapons.

Of interest to Cut to the Chase listeners is that Marshall's interview with Star of the Magi author, Courtney Roberts M.A., is the flip-side of this timely interview.  This is because they discussed the peaceful and cooperative history once shared by modern-day Iran and Israel.  Marshall also  expressed his support for peaceful Iranians, who are desperately trying to affect the same kind of democratic reforms in Iran.  Those reforms would have been greatly energized, had Bhutto survived the attack and gone on to win the election in Pakistan. 

Hobbled by Bhutto's death and an emboldened Islamofascist regime in Iran, this enlightened peace movement may have met its match.  If they fail, all that will be left is a noble people living under the threat of a malevolent regime with ample stores of hate, money, arms and more.  Yes, more, and that is the operative word here.  This is because there is more to all this than meets the eye.  Far more than our governments can disclose without creating a panic, says Joseph Farrell, and this unspoken truth may be what actually drives us down an inevitable path to a regional war with Iran and its allies.