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Cut to the Chase

Show #81
Marshall Masters
15-December-2007 [1:01:54]

Why Iran and Israel Were Close Allies on the Day Jesus Was Born — Star of the Magi Author, Courtney Roberts, M.A.

Star of the MagiGoaded on by Iran's support for terror and bellicose threats, the Middle East is inching towards another flash point. Full of nationalistic fervor and hatred for Israel, Iran's Islamic fundamentalist leadership is lighting political matches in an explosive region fueled by military might.

Are the Iranian people mindlessly following their deranged Mullahs into an abyss of confrontation with America and Israel? Or, are most Iranians publically supportive, but privately fearful of the reckless behaviors of their leadership?

According to Star of the Magi author Courtney Roberts, if history is to prevail, Iran and Israel will not launch the missiles. Rather, they could rediscover the ancient olive branch of peace that once formed a close and nurturing bond between these two peoples, an olive branch that was most radiant on the day Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

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