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Cut to the Chase

Show #80
Marshall Masters
11-November-2007 [1:10:42]

Author Phyllis V. Schlemmer— The True Source of Gene Roddenberry's Inspiration

The True Source of Gene Roddenberry's InspirationStar Trek will likely remain the most successful science fiction television series ever. What fueled this incredible success?

Simply put, Gene Roddenberry tapped into the an ancient source of enlightened consciousness, says Phyllis V. Schelmer, author of The Only Planet of Choice: Essential Briefings from Deep Space

She knows, because she revealed this truth of his own source of inspiration to him.

In this unique interview, a rare treat for Star Trek and Schelmer fans, Phyllis describes her close relationship with Gene Roddenberry and the great difficulty he had in accepting the true source of his own inspiration. 

She also discusses what The Elohim told her about the coming pole shift in 2012 and how to survive it.

A renowned psychic, medium, astrologer and healer, Phyllis is loved by many all across the globe. 

As the medium for The Elohim, she has also consulted to and helped inspire other notable authors to include Andre Norton, Sybil Leek and Stuart Holrod.

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