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Cut to the Chase

Show #78
Marshall Masters
10-October-2007 [1:02:41]

Contact Has Begun... But Why?— Director Michael Knight

Contact Has Begun... Buy Why?Here on Earth, many of us are debating global warming and the coming cataclysms of 2012. However, most are ignoring the debate, altogether. Most likely because they’re busy stuffing Twinkies into time capsules.

However, Michael Knight, director of “Contact Has Begun,” believes that extraterrestrials have a radically different approach. They’re paying close attention. Very close attention.

In his broadcast quality DVD featuring UFO expert James Gilliland, Knight shows us why extraterrestrials are not debating our impending fate or making light of it. Rather they’re observing the trends on this world with keen interest, and for different reasons. Some are deeply concerned, whereas others see opportunity knocking.

On a cosmic scale, it appears that human evolution has become the next best thing to pay cable, and dumb us; we’re not demanding a piece of the real action. Why? They keep flying, and we keep denying. Well, most of us that is, and this is what makes this insider interview a true delight.

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As a former journalist from New Zealand, Knight wants to know why we’ve become the hottest pay-per-view event in this corner of the cosmos, and that makes his take on things so unique. Where other UFO videos thump the old saw of validation, his video breaks new ground by focusing on agendas instead. Theirs and ours!