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Cut to the Chase

Show #77
Marshall Masters
18-September-2007 [1:01:38]

Those Who'll Survive 2012 and Those Who Will Not — Syndicated Radio Host, Rebecca Jernigan

Who Will Survive 2012?Since publishing Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide, Marshall has seen an outpouring of personal stories of 2012 loneliness. Those who cannot put this knowledge aside, even though it has isolated them within their families, circles of friends, and even within their own marriages.

Rebecca Jernigan, the host of the nationally syndicated radio show, Journeys with Rebecca, is also seeing the same trend. For this reason, she has joined with Marshall to help give for those living in fear of 2012, and especially those isolated by it, a way to stand with their knowing.

This is why Marshall has taken a keen interest in group of guides channeled by Rebecca. They collectively refer to themselves by several names, most notably as The Elohim. Their role is to help us survive through, and evolve beyond, 2012.

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In this this groundbreaking interview, you hear a complete channeling session with The Elohim (Rebecca Jernigan, channeler).This is part of an ongoing experiment Yowusa.com is conducting with the the help of its subscribers to evaluate these channeling sessions as sources of helpful survival knowledge. Marshall also offers his personal encouragement and thoughts to those who must endure the knowledge of this future — alone.