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Cut to the Chase

Show #76
Marshall Masters
17-August-2007 [1:00:49]

The Alien Agenda and the Undisclosed Audiotapes of Betty and Barney Hill — Author Kathleen Marden

The Alien Agenda and the Undisclosed AudiotapesAfter giving this interview, Captured Author Kathleen Marden, told Marshall that this interview was like no other she has ever given. 

This is because instead of discussing the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill in terms of proof, Marshall focused this in depth interview on alien agendas, then and now.  He also explored the extended Hill family view of this event with her, at great depth.

As Betty Hill's niece, trustee of her estate and guardian of all of the documents, Kathleen Marden takes you deep inside the immediate family itself.  She discusses how the family perceived Betty and Barney and details the new information she discovered in over 10 hours of previously undisclosed hypnosis session audiotapes. 

Relative to Planet X and 2012 issues of import to Yowusa.com subscribers and visitors, Kathleen also expresses her views on why the aliens abducted Betty and Barney Hill, and why these abductions continue to this day. 

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Of interest, is how Kathleen’s views differ from Captured co-author, Stanton Friedman.  He expressed his own views in his Cut to the Chase interview, Have Extraterrestrials Quarantined Humanity in a Galactic Penal Colony?