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Cut to the Chase

Show #74
Marshall Masters
24-June-2007 [1:07:46]

Author Philip Gardiner — Secret Societies and 2012

Author Philip Gardiner — Secret Societies and 2012Every discussion of Planet X and 2012 inevitably crosses the threshold into the murky lair of secret societies. In tricky waters such as these, the insights of Gnosis author Philip Gardiner can dispel far-fetched ideas on one hand, and confirm our deepest fears on the other. 

In his landmark work, Secret Societies: Gardiner's Forbidden Knowledge: Revelations About the Freemasons, Templars, Illuminati, Nazis, and the Serpent Cults he reveals secret links within the Vatican and the Nazi Party and much more. 

He has acquired this information, because secret societies reveal themselves to him with striking candor.  An impartial non-joiner, he has gained their confidence because he tells their stories in a straightforward manner.  Consequently, he understands how secret societies come to be, what makes them click and their plans for the future.

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